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Lovro Zvonarek officially arrives at Bayern Munich

This guy is really talented.

The FC Bayern Campus has shown photos of new signing Lovro Zvonarek training with Bayern II, as captured by Tz. Finally, the player has arrived at Bayern Munich. He was initially signed for 1.8 million euros-which could rise to 4.5 million in add-ons from Croatian side Slaven Belupo last year, but the transfer was completed after the transfer window ended. So Bayern allowed Zvonarek to stay in his homeland and play in the first division of Croatian football.

Zvonarek thrived. While injuries majorly hindered the Croatian, when he got on the field, he was fantastic. So much so that Zvonarek not only became the youngest player to score in the first division of Croatian football, he even became the youngest captain in Croatian history as he captained Slaven Belupo for the last five matches. Clearly, this young man has a lot of potential and a lot of maturity.

The Croatian media has even dubbed him “the new Modric.” Of course, people should be wary throwing those kinds of comparisons around but the point remains. He is incredibly talented. Bayern fans should be excited to see what he can bring to the future of this club, even if it should take multiple years for that future to be realized.

However, Zvonarek’s near future remains uncertain. He just played in the first division in Croatian football and proved he belonged at that level. Playing in the fourth division of German football will not nearly provide the challenge Zvonarek requires to improve as a player. Yet he’s also not ready for the first team.

The obvious answer might be a loan, but uprooting this 17-year-old from his homeland only to have him change homes twice in a few months does not seem like it would help him adjust to Germany. For now, Zvonarek will train with Bayern II. But by the 8th of July, when the first team begins pre-season, Nagelsmann will likely include Zvonarek in his pre-season plans to evaluate him and determine precisely what to do with him next season. Let’s just hope it is the right decision.

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