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Embrace chaos: Should Bayern Munich go after Barcelona’s Gerard Pique?

Yeah he broke up with Shakira and his own club thinks he’s damaged goods, but should BAYERN be after him?

Sports in Spain 2022 Photo By Marc Graupera Aloma/Europa Press via Getty Images

If you clicked on this article because of the crazy headline, then I promise you — it gets crazier. Gerard Pique has been told that he’s no longer wanted at FC Barcelona. Bayern Munich might need a new center-back. The solution is obvious, right? Well, probably not, unless you’re one of the brilliant minds at Tz responsible for this mess.

Let’s talk about this for a second. Spanish media have reported that Barcelona will NOT be relying on Gerard Pique next season. The defender’s much-publicized breakup with Shakira is apparently the reason why, with Xavi criticizing the player for his lack of fitness and off-field issues.

The crazy thing is, Barca still owe Pique over €50m in deferred salaries (the trick they use to lower their wage bill) he has no incentive to take a pay cut. What’s even crazier is that Barca still have payments pending to Busquets, Alba, and even Messi, who doesn’t even play for them anymore. Hope Lewandowski is paying attention, because this isn’t a club that’s in great financial shape. Then again, maybe he’s been sold on this:

So the question remains, should Bayern get Gerard Pique? After all, the club lost Niklas Sule this year, and our reputation as FC Hollywood could use a boost.

Uh, no. Obviously not. Barca are basically telling us that Pique is washed up and not worth having around. And given how many washed-up players Barca have carried over the years, this basically puts the defender in the “radioactive” category — no one should touch him with a ten-foot barge pole.

Still, what a fun rumor, huh? German media will basically link anyone to Bayern if they can get away with it.

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