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Raising an eyebrow: Did Carlo Ancelotti almost chase Joshua Kimmich away from Bayern Munich?

Joshua Kimmich has no interest in nonsense when it comes to his contract negotiations.

Germany v England: UEFA Nations League - League Path Group 3 Photo by Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images

Bayern Munich Joshua Kimmich has never been one to shy away from taking on a challenge.

When it comes to his career — and specifically his contract — Kimmich embraces the complexities of being at the negotiating table and working directly with club representatives.

“I had some bad experiences with my previous agent. I feel like I’m in a better position than anyone else to defend my interests. When I make mistakes, they are my mistakes, not someone else’s,” Kimmich said in an interview with (as captured by @iMiaSanMia). “I want to sit at the negotiations table to find out exactly what is being said.”

When asked if he would be open to a new challenge — aka a transfer — in the future, Kimmich was non-committal. Kimmich did reveal, however, when he most recently thought of moving on from Bayern Munich.

“That would be an interesting challenge. I don’t know what will happen in several years, we’ll see. I have a very good coach who advocates playing attractive football. I’m having a lot of fun here, but somewhere in my mind, yes, there’s always this professional and personal challenge of one day discovering new horizons,” Kimmich said. “Back when I wasn’t playing as much as I would have liked (under Ancelotti), I thought about leaving the club for a while. It was maybe the first time that I realized that there were other teams than Bayern in the world. Then Carlo left, I became a regular starter again, we won everything, and the question never arose again. Today, I’m still feeling good here.”