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Bayern Munich’s ugly new jersey could’ve been even worse

Could it get worse? The answer is always yes.

VfL Wolfsburg v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Adidas really have outdone themselves this year. After revealing one of the ugliest Bayern Munich home kits in some time, it turns out that the original plans were even worse.

Per FootyHeadlines, the prototype home kit had the Adidas and Telekom logos color reversed, with a black fill and white outline. This was changed for the final version of the jerseys, which have white logos with a black outline. The overall color of the kit seems to have been made a little darker, though that could just be the lighting. Meanwhile, the placement of the horizontal stripes has changed too.

Here’s a comparison of the two by @iMiaSanMia:

Maybe we should be grateful that the prototype eventually got redesigned at some point. Unfortunately, they didn’t drop the idea of the randomly spaced horizontal stripes, and neglected to choose a darker shade of red. Right now, the jerseys scream “Arsenal” more than “Bayern Munich”, and that’s not what you wanna be.

Whatever happened to Adidas making cool and interesting home kits for Bayern? The 2015/16 design was incredible — dark, elegant, and fashionable. This new one is just ... ugh. Next season’s football better be good, because the kits are already an eyesore.

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