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Bayern Munich target Ousmane Dembele wants outrageous money

The former Borussia Dortmund man wants a lot of loot.


Bayern Munich transfer target Ousmane Dembele might be looking to leave FC Barcelona, but for any club to sign him, it will take a heck of a lot of money!

According to Sport Bild journalists Christian Falk and Tobi Altschäffl (as captured by @iMiaSanMia), Dembele is seeking truly outrageous figures. On their Bayern Insider podcast, Falk and Altschäffl gave the following numbers as Dembele’s request for a salary and bonuses:

  • €43 million per year gross salary
  • €5 million bonus for winning the Champions League
  • €2 million for every league title

The salary alone would probably elicit hysterical laughter from the Bayern Munich board, but it begs the question (if this is true)...who does Dembele think he is? Has he ever made any club exponentially better just by being there?

Whatever the case, those numbers are too laughable to be considered legitimate because if they were real, only an absolute fool would pay that.

(You up, PSG?)