Key points for Bayern to improve next season


With Lewandowski potentially leaving the club and a leaving a massive hole of 50 goals a season for Bayern, not only an adequate replacement must be found for him but all of attackers would have to step up with their finishing especially Gnabry who runs hot and cold like he is an dysfunctional Air Conditioner. Bayern’s offense can now grow in three potential ways

a. We scrap the traditional 9 approach and get a false 9 or someone who can run behind the defence and punish them with his pace and skills in all these cases we would have to alter our play style considerably and it might just be harder on the players

b. We go for another traditional 9 in which case we would have to give a year to the player (expectedly young) to assimilate with the squad and get his footings.

With our game against Villareal as a prime example, we were largely unimaginative and generic offensively, it was the same run to the wings and cross inside. There was no imagination or attack from the centre and Villa packed their box and essentially stopped us from scoring the one goal which did come thanks to Mullendowski was from pressing and attacking from the centre. I don’t want Nags to implement some difficult traps, false runs etc. as offensive sets but he must implement different ways to attack so that the players can keep the opposition guessing and confused as to our next move. Innovative attacks would be a key to answering low block sides in CL.


Midfield is largely okay when Leon and Kim are in their mood but at the start of the season both were largely left unused and came up short by delivering poor performances, Nags should recognize their strengths and focus the midfield accordingly, we play with 2 midfielders while most sides have at least 3 while we do have Muller pressing and dropping back time to time our Leon and Kimmich’s form is important for Bayern to progress into the next rounds. The depth issue seems to be handled by the board so far so no comments on that.

Nags also has to stop playing Moose as an 8 especially against strong oppositions, Moose is no defensive general in midfield and with his tendency to move up in the offense he leaves us basically with just one midfielder who can be easily overwhelmed by the oppositions on counters. He is a winger/AM and should be played as such, changing his position especially with the reinforcements coming in is not productive.


Where do we start? Bayern’s defence has been crap this season with players caught ball watching, napping or just making random mistakes which are not expected of them at this level. While Nags can only do so much and some of the mistake the players made were really not on him but he has not covered himself in glory either. Bayern’s defence most times can be found out of sync or lacking in concentration if it happens once then it is on the players but once it starts happening regularly it is on the coach. Nags has to revamp our defence we have Lucas "the Spartan" Hernandez with Alphonso "the Road Runner" Davies on the left side of the defence while they can probably handle most of the attacks thrown at them they still need a strong defensive tactic to back them up. The right side of the defence as not been so rosy, Sule is leaving and Upa has an up and down season and same can be said for Benji with Noussar coming in we have to hope that Nags can finally settle our defence and make it as efficient or even more than his Leipzig one.

The first and the most important part of it would be our pressing remember how in Nags time in Leipzig his team used to press, they ran less than us but focused a lot on the positioning and were highly efficient in winning the balls over we have to apply the same pressing system at Bayern add to that we have to focus on forcing the opposition to play narrow and thereby increasing our chances to win the ball as soon as possible.

The defenders meanwhile have to not only be quick on their feet but have to be positioned well to stop counters or at least foul(not injure him with hard tackle) the attacker to break the momentum of the attack.

Last but not the least Nags and company have to make one our defenders into a vocal leader preferably Lucas or get a vocal leader for defence in this transfer window. To manage the defence on the field.


Nags has to select one formation and stick to it, the board has to bring in personnel who are tailor made or can be easily moulded into the formation in case of an injury. Changing formations due to injuries also cost us a few games as the players seemed clueless or uncomfortable playing in a new formation. I personally have only one preference for the formation which is "The one which helps us win" I don’t care if it is our classic 4-2-3-1 or a 3 man backline as long as Muller is not sacrificed and we win games.

But Nags has to choose wisely and then stick to that decision till the end.

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