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Lewandowski Replacements: Bayern Munich reportedly hunting Sadio Mané and Saša Kalajdžić

...or rather, a highly critical piece regarding a few people.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

With the news of Robert Lewandowski’s imminent departure from Bayern Munich breaking over the past 24 hours, it didn’t take long for rumors about possible replacements to pop up as well.

For one, Sadio Mané is back. Barely two days after shooting down the rumors that Bayern are in the market for the Senegalese forward, Bild shot themselves in the foot by suddenly saying the opposite. Apparently Bayern have intensified their efforts to sign Mané after Lewandowski announced that he wanted to leave. Our friend Christian Falk spearheaded this with his typical “true/not true” flex.

Sure, Christian, we totally believe you, just like we believed your “not true” tweet two days ago.

Now, some of you might be saying that “well, things might have changed over the past two days.” Well, that might be true. However, if Bild’s word is to be taken seriously (which it shouldn’t be), it says that Bayern started hunting for Mané after Lewandowski’s communication to the bosses, which was apparently a few weeks ago. Nice one, Bild. Your credibility is dropping faster than a skydiver on steroids.

Anyway, back to Mané. Florian Plettenberg also reported that the Liverpool forward is Hasan Salihamidžić’s desired top transfer for this summer. Apparently it’s a “top secret” within the club? The question is, how exactly is it a “top secret” when multiple news outlets are reporting it? Perhaps Salihamidžić’s oversized ego got the better of him and he decided to announce it to the world. Ever heard of a low profile, Hasan?

Other than Mané, Bild says that Bayern also contacted the agents of Stuttgart’s Saša Kalajdžić. The Austrian striker had a pretty decent season in 2020/21, scoring 16 goals and keeping a promoted Stuttgart in the middle of the league table. However, this season he’s been plagued with injuries and a drop of form, which could well explain why Stuttgart have been struggling so much in 2021/22.

Whether or not these reports have any truth to them remains to be seen, and even if they do, whether the deals will actually come to fruition also remains a mystery as of now. However, it does seem like Bayern are looking for Lewandowski replacements actively. But then again, this is Bild reporting, so take it with a grain of salt if you will.

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