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Phillip Quinn says goodbye to Bavarian Football Works

It's time to move on.

Bayern Munich - VfB Stuttgart Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images

In the spring of 2013, I took over BFW with the hopes of one day seeing it as the best place for Bayern fans. With a dedicated staff and commenter group, we did it in no time. BFW is, unquestionably, the best Bayern Munich site in the world.

When I stepped down as the managing editor several years ago, I wasn't doing great. I had burned myself out to the point where nearly all of my free time was spent trying to write for the site. I knew that I needed a break, but I also knew that it wasn't permanent.

When I eventually returned on a regular basis, John had put together a stunning staff that had turned BFW into a juggernaut. I wasn't the founder of BFW (hat tip to the other Phil for starting this place), but returning to see "my baby" all grown up, brought immense joy.

It was easy for me to slide back in and pick and choose what I wanted to do. I decided to focus my energy mostly on the club's women's team and the reserve side, both of which had basically zero English-language coverage and greatly underserved even on the German-language side of things.

Eventually, John left and Chuck took over, and... Somehow... BFW got even bigger. We were putting up traffic numbers that I once would've laughed at you for thinking as possible.

That brings me to today and this: I'm stepping away from writing for BFW on a permanent basis.

I've only recently come to this decision, but it's definitely been building for a while. Unfortunately, the writing aspect of supporting Bayern just hasn't been fun for me, and if I'm honest with myself, it hasn't been fun for some time. That's how I know that it's time for me to move on.

I've been lucky over the years during my time with SBN and then BFW to make some really good friends. It's also helped me see the good side and, unfortunately at times, the bad side of fandom.

My hope moving forward is that all of you here remember how lucky we are to be fans of Bayern Munich. In my time here at BFW, I've seen this club go on a run winning an astonishing 26 trophies. Still, I've managed to keep a healthy outlook on things and know that every trophy is an important trophy and should be celebrated to the fullest. Try to never become so jaded that, for instance, winning the Bundesliga is not something that excites you.

BFW won't be going anywhere. It will still be here as the world's best Bayern-focused community.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best in life. See you in the comments.

Mia San Mia.

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