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Lothar Matthäus blasts Bayern Munich for Ibiza trip

This is no the Miami Nights scandal and hopefully this is the apex of this “controversy.”

1. FSV Mainz 05 v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Here they come.

Critics from inside the Bundesliga and pundits covering the German top flight are all gathering their torches and pitchforks to circle around the vacationing Bayern Munich squad in Ibiza.

We saw Hertha Berlin coach Felix Magath voice his displeasure with the situation earlier, but now former Bayern Munich and Germany great Lothar Matthäus is sharpening his verbal knives to start slashing away at the Bavarians.

”That’s not acceptable at all, especially after a game like that. If they had won yesterday, I would say: stay in Ibiza for three days. In Julian Nagelsmann’s place, I would take tougher action — days off after a game like that are cancelled,” Matthäus said on Sky 90 (as captured by Sport1). “After this game it’s not possible at all! Not just because of the players, but also because of FC Bayern’s public image. The Bayern fans get angry and then the players go on vacation, have won their championship, and then it’s over.”

Alfred Draxler also let Bayern Munich have it.

“You can celebrate a championship properly, nobody has anything against that. Bayern did that, the question then is how they perform in the next game. We also have to perform at work. No one understands when they say three games before the end: We just don’t play today,” said Draxler, who categorized the performance against Mainz as “outrageous.”

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