Change to my upload schedule

As we all know, I'm notoriously particular about having a proper upload schedule, hence the number of fanposts I've posted on here since October '21.

However, like the glass of beer thrown onto the pitch during the VfL Bochum game, a glass of beer has been thrown into my life, called "competitive exams". As a result, the match, aka the accessory parts of my life (such as writing fanposts, watching Crime Patrol reruns, reading random football articles, watching sports, social media and so on) will have to be suspended.

I have a draft for uploading this month but unfortunately it has not been edited and I see no point in uploading half-assed work.

So, I'm gonna go back to staring at rotational dynamics questions, hoping they'll solve themselves.

Hoping to be back with more posts (rants) in July.



P.S. no assistant referees were hurt in the making of this article.

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