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Yussuf Poulsen recalls being flatmates with Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich

The two played together at RB Leipzig for two years and lived together during that period. The Danish striker tells what it’s like to live with Bayern’s midfielder.

Germany v Denmark - International Friendly Photo by Federico Gambarini - Pool/Getty Images

Yussuf Poulsen and Bayern Munich star Joshua Kimmich played together for RB Leipzig after both arrived at the club in 2013.

The two players then became flatmates for two years. Of course, they were much younger back then, but Poulsen says they are, as people, very similar, but as roommates, they had a lot of differences — nevertheless, Poulsen says: “It was two beautiful years.”

Probably the biggest difference is their diverse background, Joshua Kimmich is German, and Poulsen is half Danish and half Tanzanian and grew up with six siblings. “He comes from a German academy, where the blankets are folded and everything looks nice. I came from a home with six siblings and more chaos. If you didn’t clean up there once, then you’ll just do it tomorrow.”

Polsen explained in the “FE: male view on football” podcast (via kicker) how the two managed to coexist for two years. “We quickly agreed that the common rooms had to look like they did in the academy — and my room could look however I wanted.”

Together, Kimmich and Poulsen rose to the 2nd Bundesliga with Leipzig — albeit with a small blemish. “I’ve been here nine years now and never won anything. Even in the 3rd league and in the 2nd league, we’ve only finished 2nd.” Although, that could change for Poulsen, as RB Leipzig reached the final of the DFB Cup for the second time in a row.

On the other hand, Kimmich won every possible club trophy there is with Bayern Munich!

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