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The good, the bad, and the ugly: Extensive report details what is going on between Bayern Munich and Robert Lewandowski

One Polish outlet laid out an extremely detailed account of what if going on between Bayern Munich and Robert Lewandowski.

Poland v Sweden: Knockout Round Play-Offs - 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Photo by Adam Nurkiewicz/Getty Images

Journalist Piotr Koźmiński for WP SportoweFakty went deep into his sources and laid out the relationship between Bayern Munich and Robert Lewandowski — including a pretty incredible timeline of events.

If true, it is a crazy account of what has happened, what is currently going on, and where the relationship might be heading.

Like any report on Lewandowski’s ongoing contract talks, everything should be taken with a grain of salt, but this is by far the deepest, most comprehensive story detailing the status of things:

WP SportoweFakty took a look behind the scenes of what is going on around the Bayern Munich striker. We verified the facts (and circulating myths) in several countries at the highest levels.

We have broken it down in a bullet format for easy reading as the original report is extremely long and in depth (check it out here).

Grab your coffee and here you go (my comments are listed as a “sidenote” and in italics):

  • In recent days, there have been several, intentional leaks about Lewandowski in the German media from Bayern Munich as they are looking to “soften” up Lewandowski before negotiations really get intense.
  • So...what is going on? Well, WP SportoweFakty said that an odd report stating that Lewandowski in a loner, does not associate with younger players, is not well liked in locker room, and that he has shown negative body language in recent weeks is an example of the war being waged in the media.

Sidenote: We could not find the exact report discussed, but we have seen this kind of thing in the past. Lewandowski, however, appears to be very popular among teammates by most accounts.

  • Then, there was the recent criticism of Lewandowski by former Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez, who accused Lewandowski of behaving selfishly.

Sidenote: We did see these comments, but pundits are paid to spout off, so...

  • WP SportoweFakty also said that there was, indeed, a recent meeting between Lewandowski and Bayern Munich’s brass, but nothing was settled. WP SportoweFakty also states that Bayern Munich had no intention of really discussing anything pertinent and that it angered Lewandowski. WP SportoweFakty said that Sport Bild’s Christian Falk filed a report on the meeting.
  • According to WP SportoweFakty, the meeting took place almost two weeks ago. Lewandowski, sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic. and CEO Oliver Kahn were there, but no offer was made. The publication did not say if Zahavi was in attendance. Without him, there definitely would not be an offer presented.
  • WP SportoweFakty said that according to some, Bayern Munich simply wanted to put out the appearance that it was actively talking to Lewandowski.

This is pretty fascinating. A meeting essentially to check off a box. Seems sketchy, but not wholly unrealistic.

  • WP SportoweFakty said that its information shows that Lewandowski was enthusiastic about extending his deal in the fall of 2021 and asked Zahavi to approach the club — only Zahavi received no reply from Bayern Munich when he lobbed an offer to chat.

Sidenote: Maybe the Bayern Munich brass are simply fans of Genesis?

  • Per WP SportoweFakty, Bayern Munich has made no offer to Lewandowski to date and that everything indicates that the Germans are playing the waiting game until they truly sort out what they want to do. In the background, the club is looking at potential replacements for Lewandowski. The planning is partly because Bayern Munich will — allegedly — only offer the 33-year-old a one-year extension (through the 2023/24 season)
  • That scenario would buy the club more time to get an adequate replacement (along with a more reasonable timeline for when that replacement could take over).
  • A one-year deal would also make Lewandowski less attractive on the market as well, which could lead him to signing another short-term extension (helping Bayern Munich avoid a long-term commitment).

This would be some next level strategic vision here. Is Brazzo capable of being that diabolical?

  • Simply put, Bayern Munich is also procrastinating because they will not offer Lewandowski a raise and could even ask him to take a pay cut. All of the waiting is also starting irritate Lewandowski and Zahavi.
  • Lewandowski still has “gigantic” ambitions. MLS is not currently an option (like we had heard in the past) and the Poland international might not be convinced that PSG is ready to really win after it folded against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Sidenote: Damn it, My “Lewandowski to the Philadelphia Union” dreams are dashed.

  • There is no agreement between Lewandowski and Barcelona in place and all of the numbers being bandied about by the Spanish media are nonsense. WP SportoweFakty’s information does show, however, that there is mutual interest between FC Barcelona and Lewandowski.
  • Lewandowski has reportedly instructed Zahavi to not hold off on any meetings with FC Barcelona should they want to talk.
  • WP SportoweFakty says that “something” will happen in the coming days or weeks, but the Bavarians will have a hard time reaching an agreement with Lewandowski.

Sidenote: This would be disappointing.

  • So...what if Bayern Munich does follow its — alleged — plan and plays the long game here to offer Lewandowski a one-year extension? WP SportoweFakty be surprised to see the striker accept it — meaning he would leave Bayern Munich on a free transfer in 2023.

Whew...that was a lot.

True? Untrue? I don’t know, but what I can say is that the report is exhaustive and that a lot of work went into it.

What do you think?

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