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Bavarian Fashion Works: Kit Leak! Want to see a sneak peek of Bayern Munich’s 2022/23 home kit?

New home and goalkeeper kits for next season just dropped.

Football Logos Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The new Bayern Munich home kit has been leaked and it sure is a doozy.

Despite resembling a bar code and featuring three different sized stripes (four if you count the adidas stripes on the shoulder), it is relatively boring and uninspired. Unless, of course, your inspiration is a visual representation of the Doppler effect. The main color stays red, the Qatar Airways logo and Aeroready logo are visible, as well as the old Telekom logo (which may or may not be updated) with Mia San Mia on the back neck.

Though the players themselves will likely be able to pull this look off, horizontal stripes aren’t exactly slimming so it might be best to skip this year if you are like me and can hear the scale groan anytime you step on it.

Continuing the current theme of “Optical Illusions As a Shirt”, the new goalkeeper kits also leaked. The geometric pattern, mixed with the new vibrant colors makes for a nice mosaic, and Manuel Neuer will have zero problem rocking any of these between the pipes.

For the fans at home, if you really want to stand out at your next watch party or maybe you’re in need of something to wear at Carnival, these might be perfect. Teal seems to be a common color used in Bayern keeper kits, and that tradition will continue into next season as well. Personally, I love the pattern on these, and it they came in a short sleeve option, I would strongly consider the black one.

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