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Bayern Munich Alumni: Arjen Robben — the marathon runner

Arjen Robben has added a new sport to his latest hobbies - running marathons!

NN Rotterdam Marathon Photo by ANP via Getty Images

Arjen Robben accomplished just about everything he could in football. The Dutch winger won eight Bundesliga titles, two English champions with Chelsea, and a Spanish championship with Real Madrid. Most importantly, he won a Champions League with Bayern in 2013. His famous left hook and strike was so predictable, yet still so difficult to defend.

Since retiring from football, Robben has found a new hobby - running! Robben ran his first half marathon in March, completing it in 1 hour and 20 minutes. But the Dutch legend wouldn’t stop there. Robben ran his first full marathon on Sunday with a strong pace of 4.36 minutes per kilometer. “Some say, ‘You’re an idiot.’ But I just love sport and keep fit,” explained the 37-year-old (as captured by Tz).

Robben was obviously incredible fast as a player, but a marathon is all about endurance. Robben was nervous about the race and actually struggled with cramps in his legs, finishing exhausted. The Bayern legend stated he really didn’t enjoy the marathon, but he survived.

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