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Wertung der Fußballer: Bayern Munich 2016/17

Oh dear. The dark ages have come.

2016-17 UEFA Champions League - Real Madrid vs FC Bayern Munich Photo by Power Sport Images/Getty Images

Carlo Ancelotti’s only season at Bayern Munich was a disappointing one. While, and I will still go on about this, horrible refereeing decisions denied us a deeper run in the Champions League, our Bundesliga performances were certainly acceptable. However, this was mostly down to individual brilliance rather than anything on Ancelotti’s end, resulting in his sacking at the end of the season.

For those unfamiliar, FIFA has a player rating system from 1-99. Players from 50-65 can be considered reserve or lower division players. 65-75 are usually younger players with high potential or other lesser players. 75-85 roughly are those that one would consider top level players, and from there on all players beyond are considered world class. The rating cap is around 93-95, as no player has exceeded a 94 rating since Ronaldinho and Iker Casillas (95 each) all the way back in 2005.

Now, let’s look at what Bayern Munich’s ratings should have looked like in my opinion after the 2016/17 season a.k.a. their FIFA 18 ratings. The change denoted in the bracket showcases the change from the FIFA 17 rating given in the previous article. New transfers will retro-actively be given a new FIFA 17 rating. You can read about the 2012/13 season here, the 2013/14 season here, the 2014/15 season here, and the 2015/16 season here.


Manuel Neuer - 90(-2)
Neuer seemed just a little off his game this season, but nothing subpar. He did drop a few games due to injury as well.

Sven Ulreich - 73(-4)
Ulreich was not up to scratch in the few games he got.

Tom Starke - 75(+2)
By far the better deputy this season.


Mats Hummels - 88
Hummels was consistently solid this season, but nothing beyond what he achieved at Dortmund prior to the transfer.

Jérôme Boateng - 82(-4)
Boateng did not get any significant game time, and was not sharp when he did.

Javi Martínez - 87(+3)
This was the renaissance of Javi in the Bayern Munich team. Oft ignored by Pep Guardiola, Ancelotti certainly saw more in him, and employed him as the bedrock of ball progression in the defensive half.

David Alaba - 86(+1)
Alaba was back to being elite in defense and attack, bringing dynamism to the defensive flanks when Lahm was absent.

Juan Bernat - 84(+1)
Bernat was sensational when he played, but did not get to play much.

Rafinha - 82(-2)
Rafinha was.. okay? Honestly he had a nothing season.

Philipp Lahm - 86
Lahm maintained his consistency in his final act for Die Roten.


Joshua Kimmich - 79(+5)
Kimmich’s debut season at the heart of Bayern Munich’s play was a successful one.

Xabi Alonso - 87
Alonso continued to be poetry in motion on the ball in his final season of professional football.

Thiago Álcantara - 90(+4)
Thiago was simply the best midfielder at Bayern Munich this season and by some distance. Orgasmic the entire year.

Arturo Vidal - 88(-1)
Vidal didn’t seem like his omnipotent tireless self like he was the season prior, but he was definitely still elite.

Renato Sanches - 73
Sanches was underwhelming to say the least in his debut season.


Thomas Müller - 90(-1)
Müller was elite but he wasn’t Müller if you know what I mean.

Franck Ribéry - 88(+1)
Ribéry once again had a season cut short, but was excellent when he played this time around.

Douglas Costa - 86(-2)
Douglas was not as explosive as he was in his debut season, but he was not poor or even average by any measure.

Kingsley Coman - 82(-4)
Coman was unproductive when he played, and he did not play much either.

Arjen Robben - 91(+2)
Robben seemed like he was turning back the years under Ancelotti, wreaking havoc from the right flank just like he did back in 2014.

Robert Lewandowski - 92(+2)
Lewandowski was a machine. 30 league goals for a second season in a row.

What do you think of these ratings? Are there any you would change? Have I had more howlers than EA? (If you answer yes I will be under your bed tonight). The discussion is open as always.

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