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Qatari Sheikh complains about Bayern Munich’s “excellent relationship” with UEFA after Champions League draw

Looks like someone isn’t happy that their sportswashing project already got knocked out.

Chef Josh Berry makes a pate of monkfish liver Staff photo by Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

Salt is marvelous, especially when it comes from a prince. After Bayern Munich drew Villarreal CF in the Champions League draw earlier today, a Qatari sheikh took to Twitter to voice his doubts about the club’s relationship with UEFA. Someone probably sent this to one of the biggest Bayern accounts on Twitter (thanks @iMiaSanMia) who promptly retweeted this and stuck a whole horde on the guy.

As dedicated Bayern fans, we must also do our part. Here’s the tweet. Feel free to roast it as much as you like:

Never heard of this guy? Neither had we. It’s this dude (took a while to track down his Wikipedia page). He’s the brother of the Emir himself and sits on the Board of Directors for the Doha Film Institute and the International Bank of Qatar. In case it’s not clicking for you, he’s the brother of the man who owns PSG and literal Qatari royalty.

Now you know what happens when football fans get bait like this — they lap it all up. It’s just too easy! The replies here are gold. You have the pic of Jose Mourinho saying “this is football heritage” or people posting the Mbappe crying gif. Most folks are just replying with “cry” though, which is about as much as you can expect from the average Twitter user. Waiting for someone to say L + Ratio + dusted country.

The best one is this, which quotes former Bayern president Uli Hoeness. I think we can obviously agree with the sentiment:

I love this game.

Looking for a full breakdown of the draw (minus the salty Sheikhs)? Look no further! We have a special edition reaction show were we took an in-depth look at Bayern’s matchup against Villarreal, as well as the rest of the brackets in the UCL quarters and potential semi-final matchups. Check it out below or at this link.

As always, we appreciate all your support!

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