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Bavarian Grass Works: Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann tells Hoffenheim they have a dry, worthless pitch

At least he didn’t call it a — Arrested Development deep cut incoming — musty, old clap trap.

TSG Hoffenheim v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga Photo by Simon Hofmann/Getty Images

If there is anything — and we mean anything — that Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann appreciates it is a somewhat moist and playable patch of grass.

Unfortunately for the Bavarian boss, his hopes of getting some of that grass on Saturday against Hoffenheim went up in smoke...err, dust.

Nagelsmann lamented the state of Hoffenheim dry, old pitch and dreamed about what that game would have been like if only there was some sort of dampness on the turf.

TSG Hoffenheim v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga
Julian Nagelsmann gets a face full of dry grass.
Photo by Simon Hofmann/Getty Images

“The pitch was as dry as dust! The ball bounces away in an awkward way because it slows down after making contact with the pitch. It’s not a criticism of Hoffenheim’s greenkeeper, but the balls are more dangerous with a wetter grass,” Nagelsmann said (as captured by @iMiaSanMia).

Nagelsmann speaks the truth...balls are always more dangerous when dealing with a wetter pitch.

Despite his attempt to absolve the turf experts at Hoffenheim of any blame, there is no doubt that they’ll take this as a slight. You can’t just rollout, call another’s man’s pitch a dried up old patch of grass and not expect a retort of some sort.

Stay tune grass fans, we could be in for #GRASSWARS!

If you’re looking for more analysis of the game, why not check out our postgame podcast? Listen to it below or at this link.

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