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Hoffenheim 1-1 Bayern Munich: Initial reactions and observations

Julian Nagelsmann draws to the monster that he created.


Initial reactions and observations

  • For the second league game in a row, Bayern Munich have benefitted and been the victim of some horrendous finishing. Between the numerous hits on the post, Thomas Muller’s offside goals, multiple wasted chances by Hoffenheim, and just the sheer chaos at the back — it’s a miracle this game ended 1-1.
  • Oh man, Thomas Muller isn’t having a great week. How did didn’t score at least once today is a mystery.
  • Serge Gnabry is maybe a little bit overmatched at RWB in this system. Hoffenheim targeted his flank and easily got past him several times.
  • We really need Alphonso Davies back so we can ditch this back three system and actually defend on transitions.
  • At least Robert Lewandowski scored. Only one positive from the game and that’s that.

Full time: It’s 1-1.


77’ — NEUER SAVES! This game is not over yet!


46’ — This is getting ridiculous. Now Lewandowski is offside.

45’ — The second half is underway!

Halftime: Bayern 1-1 Hoffenheim so far.

45’+2’ — GOAL! Lewandowski makes it 1-1 from a corner! Great header.

41’ — Another instance where Muller gets it past the keeper, and it was offside again.

31’ — Goal. Baumgartner scores to make it 1-0.

27’ — Still no goals so far. Muller got one into the net but he and Gnabry were both offside.

Kickoff: We’re underway!

One hour until kickoff: We have lineups! Bayern Munich will once again be starting in a back-three with Musiala and Kimmich in the pivot. All three wingers start as well as Thomas Muller and Robert Lewandowski? Seem familiar? That’s because it’s the exact lineup we predicted and the same one from the Salzburg game. Now let’s see if the performance is the same too.

After scoring seven goals in midweek, Bayern Munich have to prove that the Salzburg performance was more than a flash in the pan. Hoffenheim are good opponents for that purpose — they’re well drilled and are actually good this season. A game against them will serve as a good barometer for the state of the squad right now.

Ironically, Hoffenheim were never more than Bundesliga minnows before Julian Nagelsmann rescued them from relegation all those years ago. Since then, they’ve been a consistent thorn in Bayern’s side, handing out a defeat or two pretty much every season. Nagelsmann must now face the monster that he created, but at least he’s at the helm of an even bigger monster now. With players like Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Muller, Joshua Kimmich and more — who would bet against him?

It’s Bayern time.

While you’re waiting for the game, why not check out our preview podcast? Listen to it below or at this link.

Match Info

Location: Rhein-Neckar Arena, Sinsheim, Germany

Time: 3:30 pm local time, 9:30 am EST

TV/streaming: ESPN+, Find Your Country

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