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Giovane Elber sad over Niklas Süle’s departure from Bayern Munich

One prominent alumni hates seeing Niklas Süle leave.

VfL Bochum v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga Photo by Joosep Martinson/Getty Images

We can add Bayern Munich great Giovane Elber to the list of people disappointed in Bayern Munich’s inability to find a way to keep defender Niklas Süle.

“I don’t know yet what happened. But from my point of view it’s a very, very sad thing,” Elber told Tz (as captured by Sport1). “Nik, I love him. We have very good contact and a very good relationship with each other. I think it’s a shame he’s leaving, but it’s his decision.”

Elber is not the only wondering exactly how things went so off course in the relationship between the Germany international and the club. To this point, it has only been reported that Süle has felt underappreciated and undervalued by Bayern Munich, but what factors led to those feelings?

That is a question that we might — or might not — get an answer to, but like Elber, many fans are wondering if the whole situation could have been avoided with a little more communication.

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