Bayern will have at least one player in the world cup final, 40 years in a row

Bayern is the team in europe that have more players in this world cup semifinal (6).

France: Lucas Hernández (he counts), Coman, Pavard, Upamecano.

Croatia: Stanisic.

Morocco: Mazroaui.

Now more impressive is the fact that Bayern is giving at least one player to a world cup final in the last 40 years. Since 1982 to 2022.

From 1982 to 1990 Germany went to a World Cup final.

1994 Jorginho with Brazil.

1998 Lizarazu with France

2002 Germany in the final

2006 Willy Sagnol

2010 Arjen Robben

2014 Germany in the final

2018 Tolisso

2022 at least Mazraoui or the french players will be in the final, so there will be one Bayern player in the final again, and Stanisic could be there too.

What is more amazing is that there are reports that's says another team shares this look, and that's Inter Milan, also 40 years in a row. This year Croatia and Argentina will face world cup semifinals between them and both of them have Inter Milan's players, for example Lautaro Martinez in Argentina, or Brozovic in Croatia.

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