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Bayern Munich Frauen star Lea Schüller and Lara Valdau discuss their experiences in sailing

Sail what now?

Sailing - Olympics: Day 12 Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

As we all know, Bayern Munich Frauen and Germany attacker Lea Schüller and Austrian professional sailor Lara Valdau are in a relationship. Sailing might not be Schüller’s cup of tea, but she decided to give it a go and now she seems to like it. In fact, Bayern interviewed Schüller and Valdau whilst sailing on a boat! Lara is accompanied by a different partner when participating professionally and Bayern asked if maybe Lea could learn a thing or two. “Better not!”, the footballer laughed.

Lara on the other hand gave an actual answer: “At sailing I’m the boss because I steer. They do what I say. Two captains don’t work.”

The highlight of Carinthia is the beautiful Wšrthersee.
Lake Worthersee, such a beautiful sight
Photo by: Carl Simon/United Archives/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Schüller finally calmed down and related Lara’s captaincy to their own relationship. “When Lara comes home after two weeks of sailing, you can tell she’s been in charge there. It takes her a day to get back to being herself again”, she said with a grin.

For someone who’s from a place where sailing isn’t a thing, Lea still needs to grasp a couple of things. “I’ve been sailing with Lara a few times now. And when she asks me on the boat to quickly do this or that, I feel quite insecure. All the technical terms alone! But I still enjoy sailing. Most of the time we go out on the boat at Lara’s house on Lake Wörthersee, and when the sun is shining... wonderful!”

Valdau says Schüller is too hard on herself.

“I just see how she moves and know she can do it, which is why I always trust her more than she trusts herself - even if she gets really annoyed with me at first and claims I explain everything so badly. But in the evening, when it’s all over, she beams and says: ‘That was quite fun,’” Valdau.

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