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Blue check-ed out? Bavarian Football Works addresses the Elon-phant in the room

“I’m staying. I’m finishing my coffee. I’m enjoying my coffee.”

As everyone on Twitter knows, Elon Musk has taken over the platform and plans to make changes. Prime among them is that Twitter will start charging for its “blue check” verification. That means that your (hopefully) favorite Bayern Munich site will likely be losing that online legitimacy (the blue check does, indeed, help).

Regardless of how you feel about Twitter or Musk, the platform has been an excellent way for fans to find this site and forge relationships with each other. Hell...I found BFW on Twitter and now I run the site (a true success story if there ever was one).

The impending changes could cause people to flee Twitter, but if I can say something nice about the app, it is that it was a central repository to find Bayern Munich fans, news, and to banter about the club.

We have certainly benefitted from the platform and that is probably because we have had some excellent Social Media Managers. Whether it was Josh Sampson back in the day (he parlayed this into a very nice social media-centered career) or our current Tweet Meister Tom Adams (who is really one of the best in the business), we have absolutely taken advantage of Twitter to build our reader base for the site and our listener base for the podcast. I mean, where else can you get this gold:

Okay, I never said he couldn’t drink on the job, so I can’t hold it against him.

Anyway, we will almost assuredly lose our blue check and that means we’ll have slightly less reach in helping generate new Bayern Munich fans and definitely will have less ability in connecting with even more supporters or potential supporters — and that is a sad thing.

So much of social media is just rancid dreck, but we’d like to think Twitter helped you find us and helped build this community up. If anything, that was good thing and we hope we have been one of the good aspects that Twitter brought into your life — if that’s how you found us.

If Twitter goes the way of the Dodo, we will definitely miss it — mostly because so many of you found us through the platform.

Either way, though, we’ll still be here writing and podcasting and hopefully not describing our wild nights out with Charlie Sheen as much like we did in that tweet above. So, hang with us and don’t think we are less cool if we lose that blue check.

(Tell us how you found us in the comments below — and if you remember, what was the specific subject or story that made you want to check us out.)

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