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Could Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller secretly be working on a second career?

“Bu-but I expected him to keep playing football forever!” — well... he is doing that, but not in the way you think.

FC Barcelona v Bayern Munchen - UEFA Champions League
“Wait, which football are we talking?”
Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images

If a Bayern Munich without Robert Lewandowski seemed unimaginable, try Bayern without Thomas Müller. The original, and perhaps, the only true Raumdeuter known to football has been an integral part of Bayern since time immemorial. While Lewandowski has now settled with ease at FC Barcelona, Müller has showed no signs of leaving the club or the sport itself — until recently there was a hint.

It is certainly noteworthy that Lewy made his way to the sunny side of Europe, only to realize a little too late that he was headed to Europa League. The schadenfreunde we derive from Barcelona is just too good, but I digress.

Recently, Müller visited the Munich Cowboys, one of the oldest and biggest American football teams in Germany. The German international has for long, been interested in American football, even showcasing his throwing skills with the Seattle Seahawks this summer. (Yes, the same Seattle Seahawks who play in the Allianz Arena on November 13 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.)

With the Munich Cowboys, however, Müller went serious, participating in their training session as a kicker, per Tz. With his years of having played football, kicker would be the natural position to him. After a few warm-up exercises and tips from Cowboys kicker Robert Werner, Müller went straight to trying out longer distances, and even hit 55 metres!

If we know the Raumdeuter, we know his way of expressing happiness. It’s the most beautiful sight, isn’t it?

Viktoria Plzen v FC Bayern München: Group C - UEFA Champions League
See? Beautiful.
Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images

He grabbed the camera in excitement and screamed, “Hey Munich Cowboys! I’ll play for another two or three years and then do it...”

There goes the career of the poor kicker. Try being better than Thomas Müller. Spoiler alert: you can’t.

He immediately paused halfway through the sentence and turned to Werner. “Ah no, I don’t want to take your thing away from you... all good, that was the euphoria now,” he enthused.

But did he really mean it? Guess we’ll have to wait for three years to find out!

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