#MiaSanFamily Saves the Day Again

We all know the 2022 World Cup is mired with loads of controversies. As if the timing of the tournament wasn't enough (mid-season), now the club has to deal with yet another player being ruled out for months. This time, it's arguably one of the club's fan favourites (and debatably, one of the few players this season who's constantly defended by both the club itself and its fans alike).

In case someone would like to ask, Lucas Hernández (to be referred to from this point on as just "Lucas") has a long history of injuries. Our club even got him back in 2019 while he was still recovering from one. Lucas is, as many fans describe him on social media (like Twitter), a warrior. In spite of that, after picking up a serious injury, Lucas contemplated hanging up his boots, before reconsidering it. Check this tweet from @BayernTimes.

Recall that, as of this post's upload date (27 November 2022), Lucas is on the verge of extending his contract with Bayern. Moreover, Brazzo has stated that, to paraphrase, the club won't be active during the winter transfer window. This says a lot about how much the club cares about Lucas' situation. See both tweets below (both from @iMiaSanMia) and combine them with the tweet attached above.

As fans of this club, we often bring up #MiaSanMia and #MiaSanFamily, especially in times of uncertainty, whether directly or otherwise. This episode, made more complex by the World Cup happening at this time of the year, has highlighted again that giving support, by whatever means feasible, will go a long way. Lucas may not be in action for the remainder of the season, but thanks to support from his family, as well as from the club, not only will he continue and carry on as a player, but he will also almost certainly bring joy to us, the fans, by signing a new contract soon. Three of his tattoos carry texts that are relevant here: "Lucha por lo que quieres", "force et sacrifice", and "Krieger". Let's all wish Lucas a speedy recovery, a triumphant comeback, and above all, for him to become a club legend!

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