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Bavarian Lingo Works: 10 more German expressions you will use during the next games!

We’re back with some more German expressions. We dare you to shout them during the next FC Bayern Munich game or at the World Cup with the German national team.

Seattle Seahawks v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images

Hello again! After hitting you with ten German expressions last time, I thought: “Hey, why not again?”. I have already seen some of you use some of the expressions from my last piece in the comments - and a whole lot more! Thank you for embracing this little idea!
So, here are ten more expressions you could use during the next FC Bayern Munich or German national team game. Again, you may know them already, but here we go!

  1. Bananenflanke, die: [baˈnaːnənˌflaŋkə] - Curling cross - Cross that is hit with a lot of spin which makes it look like a banana.
  2. Viererkette, die: [ˈfiːʀɐˌkɛtə] - Back four - Variable defense system with four defenders. Let's hope Germany’s Viererkette will be solid for as long as the word itself.
  3. Sechspunktespiel, das: [səgjsbɔŋtəsbjɛl] - Six-point game - Of course, for a victory, you get three points, but when there are two teams that meet each other in a direct clash that has huge consequences due to their respective positions in the table, a victory is, so to speak, twice as valuable. A hyperbole to emphasize the significance of such a meaningful match.
  4. Flitzer, der: [ˈflɪʦɐ] - Streaker - Those extra passionate fans that run across the pitch during a game.
  5. Kopfballungeheuer, das: [kɒbfbalɔŋəəuɐ] - Aerial powerhouse - Literally, a header monster. Someone, that possesses the capacity of scoring a lot of headers, Who’s our Kopfballungeheuer against Japan in the World Cup? Manu?
  6. Abstauber, der: [ˈapʃtaʊ̯bɐ] - Poacher - Someone who hangs around the goal line for easier tap-ins when a chance presents itself. I could think of a few players doing that... But hey, a goal’s a goal.
  7. Platzverweis, der: [ˈplaʦfɛɐ̯ˌvaɪ̯s] - Send-off - When the referee tells you to get off the pitch, you should do it without pointing noses... I mean, pointing fingers.
  8. Knipser, der: [ˈknɪpsɐ] - A snap shooter - Though we might have some photography aficionados in our community, I am not referring to a camera. A Knipser is an instinctive scorer with a knack for goals.
  9. Spielverlagerung, die: [sbi:ɛlvlæ:əʁɔŋ] - Switch play - Usually, a long pass from one side of the pitch to the other in order to quickly shift the game and open up space.
  10. Antizipationsbegabung, die: [antidipasjo:nsbəgæ:bɔŋ] - Aptitude to anticipate - The mental ability of a player to anticipate future movements. Essentially, a sixth sense. Or Future Sight Observation Haki.

Well, there we go! Should I do ten German insults next? Ha! What expressions did or did you not know before? Let us know in the comments below!

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