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Has Bayern Munich been the best club in Europe over the past 10 years? One study concludes “Yes”, but do you agree?

One data point suggest that Bayern Munich has been “King of Europe” for the past you agree?

FC Bayern München v Viktoria Plzen: Group C - UEFA Champions League Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Bayern Munich’s reign over the Bundesliga is one of the more divisive topics in football.

Is it good? Is it bad? Is this Bayern Munich’s problem...or does the competition in the Bundesliga need to raise its level of play?

Surely, if you are a fan of the Rekordmeister, you have probably had this discussion. Now, the website has compiled data to put some math behind how dominant Bayern Munich has been over the past 10 seasons by looking at how many points per game each “league winner” from Europe’s top five have averaged during that span.

Not shockingly, Bayern Munich (who has won the last 10 Bundesliga titles) is atop the leader board with 2.44 points per game. Per’s analysis, the data shows the following:

Bayern is not only the most successful side in Europe, but requiring more points to win the Bundesliga also shows that it in fact the toughest league to win in Europe as well.”

Certainly, some would challenge that assessment, especially because Real Madrid has won an astounding five Champions League titles in that span, but also note this:

The Premier League has the second highest average points per game needed in order to win the league, with Ligue 1 proving to be the easiest league to win according to the statistics.

Bayern have averaged an astonishing 2.44 points per game over a 10-year period, which is the best return in Europe over that period. Bayern have won the Bundesliga 10 times in a row, with Juventus and PSG coming closest to matching that tally with eight titles a piece. The five leagues have seen 15 winners over the course of the last 10 years, but no team comes close to Bayern’s performance over that period. Not to mention winning two Champions Leagues in that time as well.

Below is a grouping of some of Europe’s biggest clubs and what they averaged over the course of those 10 seasons:

When looking strictly at the “champion” of each (meaning you group the total points won by whichever club won a particular league), the Bundesliga still came out on top:

  • Bundesliga (2.44)
  • Premier League (2.40)
  • La Liga (2.39)
  • Serie A (2.37)
  • Ligue 1 (2.35)

The numbers certainly are what they are...but do they prove the point that Bayern Munich has been Europe’s most dominant club — or is that conclusion misguided?

When reviewing this, what do you think? Do you buy this data and rationale? you think the numbers provide another conclusion?

Tell us in the comments below...

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