Is This The Perfect Signing For Bayern Next Season?

Altay Bayındır: Fenerbahçes neuer Leader | LIGABlatt - Fußball zur Stunde!

So, It's pretty obvious that Sven Ulreich is a solid, quality back up with plenty of experience, but with the 33-year-old's contract expiring next summer, it might be time for Bayern to look for a backup once again. Bayern could look at an in-club option however, Alexander Nubel says he will not return if Neuer is still playing and current backups Johannes Schenk, Lukas Schneller, and Jakob Mayer probably aren't ready to be the backup of a 36 going on 37 goalkeeper playing for one of the best teams in the world.

So, Altay Bayindir of Fenerbahce could be the solution. He is the starting goalkeeper for the Turkish club and now the starting goalkeeper for Turkey. Him being the starting goalkeeper for a pretty good nation with a competitive goalkeeping situation could cause a problem as he would want a team to give him a significant amount of playing time and if Bayern were to go for him they would probably go the same approach as they did with Nubel and offer him the role of cup goalkeeper (until the quarter finals in the champions league of course) but the goalkeeper is still young, 24 to be exact, and could definitely develop into a starting goalkeeper when Neuer ages out so he should definitely be a player Bayern watches on as his contract expires next summer...

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