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Bayern Munich loanee Gabriel Vidović has taken the road less traveled in his career

Off to Vitesse, Gabriel Vidović is seeking to prove himself.

DC United v Bayern Munich - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Bayern Munich loanee Gabriel Vidović is now at Vitesse where he should get the first team playing time that he needs for his career to progress.

This loan, however, was not the first time that the youngster had offers to move. In fact, before his transfer to Bayern Munich back in 2016, Vidović’s family rejected two previous offers.

“Before Gabi switched to Bayern Munich in 2016, we had already rejected two requests,” his mother Marijana Vidović told Spox and Goal. “The second time we didn’t even ask Gabi. As parents, we decided that it was still too early for him.”

Later, Vidović’s parents told him about the offers, but he did not protest about their decision and Gabriel understood.

Vidović moved to Bayern Munich at 12-years-old with several other players from Augsburg, but did not live on campus like many other youth players.

“He had very long days,” said Marijana Vidovic.

Spox and Goal captured what Gabriel’s day was like as a youngster:

He left for school at seven in the morning, where a parent picked him up in the afternoon and hurriedly drove him home. The FC Bayern driver was already waiting there, taking him to Munich for training and later home again. Food was in Tupperware boxes. Once he ate, the remaining driving time was dedicated to learning. He was usually back around nine-thirty in the evening, and occasionally homework still had to be completed.

Gabriel Vidović then had to make a tough decision regarding his schooling:

After the 10th grade, Vidovic switched from high school to FOS, which he interrupted last summer after the first of two years. Theoretically, he could still catch up on his Abitur, but first of all: full focus on football!

Up until his loan assignment, Gabriel Vidović lived in his parents’ house in Augsburg. After turning 18, Gabriel Vidović got his driver’s license and no longer had to rely on the club’s drivers to take him back and forth.

“Many talents are put under pressure too early by their parents, friends, advisors or sponsors,” says Bayern Munich II manager Martin Demichelis said. “That’s not the case with him. He’s a very down-to-earth young man.”

Bayern Munich campus director Jochen Sauer was also complimentary of the attacker.

“Gabi comes from a good family. He is well brought up and polite, and also brings a certain humility with him,” Sauer said.

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