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Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi, Mohammad Salah are the finalists for FIFA’s “The Best” award

Just released this morning is that FC Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski is a finalist for UEFA’s “The Best” for the second straight year, joined by PSG’s Lionel Messi & Liverpool’s Mo Salah

FC Bayern Muenchen Players And Staff Watch FIFA The BEST Awards Photo by Marco Donato-FC Bayern/Pool via Getty Images

Just announced this morning is that Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski & Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi were just announced as two of the three finalists but also co-favorites to win this years edition of FIFA’s “The Best”, set to be awarded on January 17th. Liverpool FC’s Mohammad Salah is viewed as a distant third place finalist and rounds up the finalists for this years award.

Now while Mohammad Salah has been nothing short of spectacular for Liverpool FC over the recent weeks, helping them maintain their winning-form, Lionel Messi is propped up by his stunning upset over Robert Lewandowski for the Ballon d’Or and his first ever major international trophy in the Copa America this past summer while Robert Lewandowski is propped up by 69 goals in all competitions this calendar year, as well as winning the newly created FIFA’s “Best Striker Award” as well as breaking Gerd Müller’s nearly-untouchable 40-goal Bundesliga record.

Hopefully we will be able to watch Robert Lewandowski get his due time in the spotlight again for his spectacular season. If you’re like the rest of us here at Bavarian Football Works, you’ll have this FC Bayern Lewandowski documentary on repeat until the awards on January 17th.

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