Der Abschied- Niklas Süle and Bayern Munich

"Report: Niklas Süle to leave Bayern Munich."

The words flashed in front of my eyes as I opened BFW today morning. I could do nothing but stare in shock as a nightmare of mine turned into an ugly reality I was forced to face.

I always knew this could be a possibility. Yet, I refused to worry too much since I had blind faith in Brazzo and the board. I always believed that Niklas would sign the €10 million contract, stay with us for the seasons to come, and go down as one of the best centre-backs (and right-backs!) of the modern age.

Over the years, Niklas has expressed his wish to leave Bayern, more precisely, leave for the Prem. I never took transfer news involving transfer news involving Süle too seriously. A recent incident about this that I recollect is the leaked WhatsApp chats between him and his agent. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the destinations Süle wanted his agent to check out. The poor guy was obviously very frustrated at his prospects at Bayern and wanted out.

Author's Note: Now might be a great time to tell you that this is not Süle's Wikipedia page and hence will contain no "facts." Rather, this article is, as always, an angsty rant from your favourite angsty- ranting -17 y/o- Müller mafia member.

Now, we turn back the gears on a non-existent time machine as I delve into nostalgia. Drew Gooden, one of my favourite YouTubers, once said, "Nostalgia is a drug that causes us to misconstrue our memories." Therefore, if my memories of Süle seem highly misconstrued, I'll take this as a chance to apologise in advance.

Once a newly inducted Bayern fan, I was eager to get acquainted with the players, young and old. Alaba and Boateng, the older centre backs, whom I looked upon with respect and Niklas, who I admired and saw a star in. He soon became my favourite centre back, and I would then approach each matchday, eager to see him play. Before Bayern fans began to call him Sülinho, when fans called him autistic and trolled him for his physical fitness or a lack thereof, I went about proudly, calling myself the president of Süle FC.

24th February, 2021. The day that changed people's opinions on Süle forever.

Bayern was playing Lazio in the Champions League. This game still remains fresh in my memory. I'll never forget THAT exact moment when Süle showed some of the most amazing footwork using his right foot. If my memory serves me right, it happened at around the 30th minute (I'm probably wrong, let me be). I wrote a match review that day in which I said, and I quote, "Süle on fire, Lewy ILY."

After the match, fans started showing a newfound respect for him. They started calling him Sülinho and said things along the lines of "Süle taught Ronaldinho how to play" and I was on Cloud 9. (This familiar feeling, I would continue to feel, when non- Bayern fans speak highly of Papa Thomas.)

As the season went on, Alaba and Boateng’s ageing became visible in their game. I was continuously frustrated at the duo and would pray fervently that Süle would start every game, and preferably with Lucas, despite the fact that they both happened to be left-footed centre backs. I remember the way fans would get mad at Süle whenever he made an error and I would internally chide ṭhem for being too reactionary. My soft spot for Süle was ever-prominent, even though social media had me calling him "Big Mac".

Niklas’s presence in Bayern turned more prominent than ever. As Nagelsmann’s arrival to Bayern was confirmed, I was extremely eager to see a Bayern side featuring Lucas and Süle in the backline regularly. And Süle has not failed to impress me! He shows himself to be a reliable and trustworthy player that I always saw him as. In such a situation where I started to see the future of Bayern with Süle in it, the prospect of him leaving comes as a rude shock. I know, players come, and players go. Every time a player leaves, it is only normal that I feel depressed and take a while to move on. But when a departure is as unexpected as this one, I can’t help but reel in disbelief.

But, putting all that aside, let me try face this in a more composed manner.

Danke, Niklas. For being an inseparable part of my life as a Bayern fan, for being my first favourite centre-back, and most importantly, for inspiring me. I wish you good luck and hope in your next destination you are successful and happy. (If by some godsent means, you end up signing the contract, I'll delete this article, promise.)

Danke, und auf Wiedersehen.

EDIT: 26.01.2022- looks like I can't delete the article. I guess I may have been a bit too optimistic.

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