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Joshua Kimmich loves life with Bayern Munich

Going to work is always a good thing for Joshua Kimmich.

Joshua Kimmich, Germany national football team player Photo by Tom Weller/picture alliance via Getty Images

It could be said that Joshua Kimmich loves his job with Bayern Munich. So much so, that Kimmich enjoys each and every day that he gets to set foot of the club’s campus.

Kimmich’s mood, however, when entering those grounds, is sometimes determined by the previous game’s outcome.

“Yes, it is. But it also always depends on the game before. If we’ve won, I’m in a good mood till the next game. If we’ve lost, the atmosphere is worse. Then I’m constantly thinking about what we have to do better. Since we’ve had two children, family happiness has been the main thing, but when I get to Säbener Straße, I switch to football,” Kimmich told “By the way, there were times when we were doing well and I didn’t go to training every day full of joy.”

Kimmich knows that the victories are always nice, but the comfort level he has with the club and the overall fantastic environment that it offers to players is a big reason he is often so happy to strap on his boots.

“Wins and titles alone don’t make you happy. I’ve noticed that for myself personally. It’s also a lot to do with the team, my teammates, the coach. The best thing for me at Bayern is that I really have fun with what we do here every day – together with the others, together with friends. I honestly didn’t think you could experience that at this high professional level. Our Champions League title was a special set-up,” said Kimmich. “We guys will still be saying to each other in 30 years: ‘Do you remember back then?’. The way we treated each other was certainly a key to our success. We don’t have any stinkers in the team, nobody only looks out for themselves and only plays for their own personal goals.”

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