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Bayern Munich’s Kingsley Coman parts ways with Pini Zahavi...for now

A renewed hope for the frenchman’s extension with the club

Paris Saint Germain vs Bayern Munich: UEFA Champions League final Photo by Laurence Griffiths / UEFA / Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Per a report by SPORT1, Bayern Munich’s speedy Frenchman, Kingsley Coman has at least temporarily parted ways with his agent Pinhas Zahavi. Following a period of uncertainty of the 25-year-old’s future with the club, this move comes as a new ray of hope. Howvever, there is still much work left on the negotiating table.

Zahavi is an “exit specialist”, known for his role in taking players away from clubs that prefer to hold them on. Zahavi previously tried hard to pry star striker Robert Lewandowski away from Bayern and possibly to Real Madrid. That move, however, was thwarted by the Bayern bosses who held onto their Polish star with an iron fist.

FC Bayern Muenchen v FC Augsburg - Bundesliga
Lewandowski and David Alaba were previous missions of Pini Zahavi
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Zahavi, though, succeeded in his second mission — David Alaba. Way before Alaba’s move to Real, the rumour mill was relentless and there were several reports that Alaba’s side were demanding insane wage packages. Of course, even if these reports were true, they could very well be a tactic just to find an excuse to leave the club. It’s business afterall. Let’s not forget, Alaba is one of Bayern’s old boys, and Bayern does not like letting go of players in their prime. In hindsight, the lengthy and drama filled saga was unavoidable if Real were to get their player.

With Uli Hoeness going as far as openly calling Zahavi a “greedy piranha”, I think it’s fair to say there is plenty of bad blood that makes going back to the negotiation table for fresh talks all the more difficult for Bayern and Zahavi. Therefore Coman’s decision to hire the Israeli super-agent would have definitely made any negotiation sour before it even began.

Coman arrived at Bayern way back in 2016 and has risen through the ranks, falling just short of a surefire starter. He currently shares duties equally with Sane and Gnabry when fit. King’s talent is unquestionable, he’s top notch. But he’s equally injury prone and has had several periods of unavailability. The club however has shown their unflinching support and trust in the winger. Hoeness once hosted Coman at his residence and had a warm conversation with him. It was after a bad injury and reinforced King’s bond with the club and its people.

Coman dumping Zahavi after a heart surgery may or may not be a coincidence but it does possibly hint at Coman thoughts that he would always be valued at Bayern. That is hard to find at other top clubs of which many are known for going through their players like paper towels.

While there is still a gap between the Coman’s expectations and Bayern’s offer, should this move eventually translate into an extension, it would definitely be a good move for both parties.

As always, though, it is always possible that Coman and Zahavi link back up at any point as the Frenchman tries to sort out his future.

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