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Joachim Low on Barcelona’s list of replacements for Ronald Koeman

Didn’t expect this in 2021, did you? Imagine a Low-coached Barca visiting the Allianz Arena.

Germany Herzogenaurach Training Session Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

This news is only tangentially related to Bayern Munich, but it’s really funny so we’ve chosen to cover it. Per Barcelona journalist Gerard Romero, the Catalans are considering former Germany coach Joachim Low as the replacement to Ronald Koeman. This news was revealed following the Catalans’ disappointing draw to Granada last night, where they needed Ronald Araujo (a defender) to score in the dying minutes to rescue a point.

In case you’re looking forward to Bayern meeting (and demolishing) a Low-coached Barca team in December, don’t hold your breath. Per Romero, he’s only one of a long list of names, which include world-beaters like Xavi, Pirlo, and Cocu.

They also have Antonio Conte somewhere in there, but that seems like wishful thinking at the moment. Conte has always been a demanding coach — he’s hardly going to accept the Barca job when their squad is in such dire straits and they have no money for transfers.

As for Low — he’s unlikely to go back into management so soon, though if Barca did come calling it might turn his head. Can he turn Barca around? No, obviously not. Don’t be ridiculous, Low could barely get Germany out of their group at the Euros. He’d do better than Koeman is doing right now, but that’s a very low bar.

Still, it’s a funny thing to think about. How would Low line up his team? At least he wouldn’t have to worry about exiling his best player, since Messi already left for PSG. He could experiment with mediocre players all he likes, since Barca have quite a lot of them. And he could probably talk about doing a youth movement without fear of being ridiculed. Hell, the Catalan media would probably praise him. Sounds like the Barca job is a good fit for Low, to be honest.

Laporta, time to pick up that phone!

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