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Match awards from Germany’s 2-0 win over Liechtenstein

It was Hansi Flick’s first match as Germany’s manager, it wasn’t a spectacle, but the team showed promise. Here are the match awards!

Liechtenstein v Germany - 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Jersey Swap: Daniel Kaufmann and Benjamin Buchel

Liechtenstein’s defense was impressive tonight. They focused only on conceding as few goals as possible, and with the help of these two players, they managed to conceive only two goals. Buchel was brilliant on goal and made a couple of vital saves. The most impressive moment was when he saved three shots in a row from point-blank range. Kaufmann was also vital for Liechtenstein’s defensive efforts, as he made numerous tackles and clearances.

Der Kaiser: Robin Gosens

Germany’s left-back had a quite impressive night. He made frequent runs on the left flank and was often involved in dangerous attacking situations. Throughout the match, he made some space-opening passes and had an overall of 93% accurate passes. Gosens was quite useful for the offense, as he also almost scored on two occasions. The first time in the first half he hit the post with his header, and the second time he took a shot, but the shot was blocked by Kaufmann, as he jumped and deflected the ball and made a clearance.

Fußballgott: Joshua Kimmich

A commanding performance from tonight’s captain. He dictated the tempo of the match and organized the play for Germany. He could have had a couple of assists to his name, but his teammates either missed, or Buchel saved the shot. He had 88% successful passes, three key shots, and one big chance created. Although he is still finding his rhythm after the Summer break, he is definitely on the right track. One thing that Kimmich could work on was his possession — he got dispossessed 21 times tonight.

Der Bomber: Jamal Musiala

Another night in the match awards sheet for the young shooting star. Bayern Munich’s winger had a mixed night, but at times, Germany was playing well mostly thanks to the brilliance of this young player. The first goal would not have happened if Jamal Musiala had not dribbled past two defenders brilliantly, and then played a genius through ball to Timo Werner, who scored a goal. Jamal had his moments when he opened up the space and sped up the tempo of the match.

The reason why Musiala earned his place on the match awards list is that he was the driving force behind Germany’s attack for a good part of the match. While Timo Werner struggled to find space and therefore failed to be of much help to his teammates, besides his goal.

Meister of the Match: Leroy Sane

It was truly wonderful watching Leroy Sane tonight. In the first part of the first half, Sane struggled on the pitch, but as the match progressed, Sane found his rhythm and made his impact on the match. He scored the second goal for Germany, which turned out to be the final goal of the match. And it was a peach of a goal!

But besides his goal, it was good to see him chasing the opposing players and pressing when they had possession. He played less like a primadonna and was of real help to his teammates with the counter-pressing. Even when he lost the ball, on a couple of occasions he chased the defender and won the ball for Germany.

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