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We’ll do it live, (bleep) it: FIFA players swear at record rates

If you’re not cursing, you’re not trying.

Video Games Photo Illustrations Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Are you a FIFA player?

Do you often swear a lot while playing online?

Well fine gamer, you might have a problem.

Whether you are playing as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Liverpool or some other world power or if you like to build up with a small club like SC Preußen Münster, chances are you indulging in some profane language.

As a connoisseur of cursing...a fanatic of foul language...and a true sultan of swearing, I became intrigued when reviewing this report from Buzz Bingo. And while I don’t indulge in gaming (not because I don’t like games, but because I know I have zero time to go down that rabbit hole), I felt it was necessary to applaud you fine FIFA players for you exemplary work in cursing. You have truly set a new standard.

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • 552 expletives per hour
  • 138 expletives per 15 minutes
  • 9.20 swears per minute (think about that stat)
  • 1 swear every 6.52 seconds

This, my friends, is Hall of Fame work.

The study’s methodology is as follows:

We watched a total of 100 Twitch and YouTube Gaming streams for the most popular games in August 2021 and newly released titles. Watching each stream for 15 minutes, we took note of every expletive uttered to collect the required data for analysis.

Every expletive uttered by each streamer was recorded against the game they were playing and we then calculated the mean average based on all expletives used by gamers.

So...where do you FIFA ballers rank on the list of gamers overall? Well, second overall behind whoever the people are who play Rainbow Six Seige.

And you know what? (bleep) them.

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