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Mikael Silvestre doesn’t think Bayern Munich’s dominance or the failures of big clubs hurt the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga might look different, but the fans won’t go away.

Soccer Aid for Unicef 2020 Photo by John Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images

Former Manchester United, Arsenal, and Werder Bremen defender Mikael Silvestre looks at the Bundesliga and sees Bayern Munich’s dominance, but also sees so many big clubs floundering in the second division — including his former club.

“I wasn’t shocked because (Werder Bremen) were on the verge of relegation a few seasons before, so it was coming. I think everyone had that feeling including the fans, but you always have that hope you can save yourselves, unfortunately that didn’t happen this time. It’s been going downwards since I left the club and you can see that 2. Bundesliga is not an easy league,” Silvestre said in an exclusive interview with NetBet. “Hopefully they can bounce back, but like a lot of clubs they’ve been hit financially. They aren’t in the best position to go straight back up really.”

When asked why big clubs like Hamburger SV, Schalke 04, and Werder Bremen ended up in the second division, Silvestre could easily pinpoint the reason.

“I think it shows that there was some bad management in those three clubs. I think this is a result of many years of spending more than you earn and poor investment in players. It doesn’t show that the Bundesliga is improving and becoming more competitive, it just shows those three clubs should have done better,” Silvestre stated. “They all have the fanbase and the infrastructure, you only have to look at the amount of managers Schalke had in the last few years to see why they’re there. Bremen have been stable, but they have been in that relegation battle for a while along with Hamburg.”

Silvestre, though, does not think fans of those big clubs will pack it in and stay home, though.

“The good thing for those clubs is that the fans in Germany that faithful and it doesn’t matter if they play Bundesliga 1 or Bundesliga 2, the stadiums will have the same attendances and have the same support,” Silvestre said. “They should be using that to try and bounce back.”

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