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Tyler Adams thinks Bayern Munich’s business strategies “suck”

The young RB Leipzig midfielder delivers some prime bulletin board material.

Canada v United States: 2022 World Cup Qualifying Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

In recent times the way that Bayern Munich does business acquiring talent from around the Bundesliga has become a topic of conversation yet again. While players usually avoid making public comments on these types of matters the young American has chosen to speak out with some pretty harsh words about how our club choses to grow stronger.

In a recent interview with The Athletic and reported by ESPN he left no uncertainty about just how he feels, stating “Nothing — nothing — gets me angrier than the fact that all the German clubs just sell to them.” It appears that the irony of playing for a team that literally bought its way up the German football food chain with truckloads of cash originating, not from sport or a community, but from selling energy drinks is lost on the midfielder.

He went on to comment further on the subject with deft intellectual aplomb, “It boggles my mind, man. It really does suck.” One is left to wonder if he ever made the same comments about his home state New York Yankees, who have been collecting elite talent for decades.

With any luck someone will have translated his comments into German and posted them on the Bayern bulletin board. Adams is clearly saddened that Bayern have signed away two of his teammates and his coach, but he will get his chance to display his displeasure when the two teams meet on the field tomorrow. And our squad will get a chance to demonstrate just how effective Bayern’s team building is.

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