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Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann sounds like he might have flipped a Candyland board or two in his time

Julian Nagelsmann hates losing.

FC Bayern München - Team Presentation Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann just wants to matter what.

If there is a competition of any type, the new boss will go all out to win. More, he wants to share the praise earned in his victories, but also shoulder the weight of any defeat.

”When something goes wrong, nobody wants to have anything to do with it. Then, as a coach, you really have to draw the light on yourself to show that you have everything under control and know what to do,” Nagelsmann said (as captured by “Generally, I hate it when you play something with indifference, as to whether you win or lose. I play every game to win, no matter which one.”

So, yeah, that means Nagelsmann might have flipped a Candyland board or two growing up. Seriously, though, the young manager despises losing.

“I can maybe accept that I’ll lose sometimes, but when I start losing, I’m no longer a winner,” said Nagelsmann. “If I don’t care how something turns out, I watch a movie. I have no influence on that. But as long as I have an influence on something, I want to shape it — and bring it to a close in my mind.”

There is no denying it, the man has definitely unraveled after drawing the Plumpy card when almost having finished the board.

Seriously, though, his focus on winning and his philosophy on sharing the praise of victories will surely serve him well in the locker room.

You can read the full excerpt on or the full interview inside Bayern Munich’s 51 magazine.

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