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Is Bayern Munich’s transfer policy putting success at risk?

Bayern aren’t known to make financial risks, which has kept the club safe during this economic crisis. However, will this come at a cost to success?

Real Madrid Unveil New Signing David Alaba Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

Fans of Bayern Munich will know well that the office behind the club doesn’t take too many financial risks. In times of hardship, the club is especially hesitant with transfers and contract negotiations. During this pandemic, Bayern has been especially careful with transfers and wage expenditure. Those who follow the club will know how difficult contract negotiations have been with players over the past year.

After Bayern’s treble-winning season, the world gave praise to the Bavarians for their financial savviness and was heavily respected for their success considering how little they spend on their treble-winning squad, compared to their international competition such as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain. Now, the tables have turned.

In the 2020/2021 season, Bayern did not live up to expectations (it’s hard to follow up a treble) and there was turmoil within the club. The departures of many club legends as well as coach Hansi Flick, has started to change the public’s opinion about the club. Fans want big signings, although they have little insight into the financial decisions that the club makes on a daily basis. It’s not easy to run a business, which the club is at the end of the day,

Fans have started to criticize the club’s transfer policy as the lack of signings will surely have an impact on the team’s success. Sky Sport asked readers, “Is FC Bayern on the right track with its transfer policy?”. At the time of writing, an overwhelming 71% of readers believe they are not on track. Public opinion has changed so much in just a year’s time.

Surely their transfer policy may not look ideal in the short term, but it is in place to ensure Bayern doesn’t get into any financial problems. If Bayern did go and throw around all sorts of money this summer, and those transfers didn’t work out, then the club could be at serious risk of debt and then face a situation where they can’t make any transfers whatsoever and have to sell off various assets. That’s a situation no one wants.

These aren’t easy decisions to make. When you look at clubs like FC Barcelona that are in crippling debt, you can understand why the board is so cautious. In contrast, when you look at Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City and see the money they are throwing around right now, it can be frustrating as a fan when your team is sitting back. Clubs like Schalke have suffered greatly due to financial issues and it would be devastating as a fan to see that happen to your club. All we can do as a fan is to sit back and trust the process.

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