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Bavarian Grass Works Special Report: Fungus invasion at Bayern Munich’s training ground quickly eliminated

Come on Bayern Munich grounds crew, you are better than this!

Specimens of deadly fungus Amanita virosa Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images

Reporting live from Bavarian Grass Works headquarters, I come to you with a special report. According to Bild, there has been a fungal infection within the lawn at Bayern Munich’s training ground. And no, a group of Manchester City fans weren’t visiting for a special training session.

In fact, mushrooms have emerged from the soil and started to dot the sacred grass on Säbener Straße. Below are the morbid details from Bild:

The Bayern greenkeepers acted quickly!

On Sunday, the guests at Robert Lewandowski’s (32) extra shift were still amazed: What kind of small, white dots are there on two training grounds?

On closer inspection it became clear: They are mushrooms!

To their credit, the grounds crew sprung into action, geared up, and eliminated the issue...but like any invasive species, there is a chance for they could a big way:

The thin stems with small, white caps peeked out from the otherwise perfect lawn. Very unusual for the seats on Säbener Strasse. That didn’t bother the world footballer: Lewandowski did his individual training with head of fitness Prof. Dr. Holger Broich (46).

On Monday, preparations for the first round of the DFB Cup at the top division club Bremer SV started (Friday, 8.45pm / Sport1 and Sky live). In the afternoon when Manuel Neuer (35), Thomas Müller (31) and Joshua Kimmich (26) returned to training, there was still a mushroom alarm.

No, the mushrooms were no longer to be seen. Fought and mowed down!

The important takeaways from this:

  • The Bayern Munich groundskeepers cannot slack — not for one minute. Like Manchester City fans, one fungus sprouting up can only mean some others will arise to contribute to the ugliness.
  • The perfect lawn takes time...and effort...and awareness. I am campaigning for 24x7 grass surveillance system to keep the sanctity of the grass intact.
  • There needs to be an actual mushroom alarm in place. Forget transfer, think of the grass! Secure the funding Brazzo!

This has been your Grass Master reporting live from Bavarian Grass Works headquarters.

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