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Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United on a cheap deal (Updated)

In a stunning turn of events, Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed returning to Manchester. Instead of City Blue, he’s returning to Old Trafford in the United Red.

Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion Photo by Tom Purslow/Manchester United via Getty Images

Update 12:43PM EST

According to Fabrizio Romano, Cristiano Ronaldo was available for a bargain basement price:

Ladies and gentlemen, Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed returning to England. While all the reports were screaming Manchester City, another nearby club decided to swoop in and take Ronaldo for themselves. Take a look for yourselves:

This is one of those moves that screams “Last Dance.” Ronaldo is not the player that he used to be even as little back as three years ago. Given he relied a lot on his speed and physicality, the two attributes that decrease with age, I’m not sure what his performance will be with Manchester United. It is the correct move, I think. If he’d have gone to Manchester City I think that wouldn’t been insult to injury for the largely hurting Manchester United fans. But now, Manchester United look situated to be a very interesting team moving forward. Ronaldo, Bruno, and Pogba make for an extremely effective attack. I’m not saying he’ll be the Golden Boot but he’ll add some added energy.

I for one welcome this move.

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