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Four observations from Bayern Munich’s dominant 12-0 win over Bremer SV

The scoreline was 12-0, and Bayern Munich eased into the next round of the DFB Pokal.

Bremer SV v Bayern Munchen - DFB Cup: First Round Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images

This is going to be Jamal Musiala’s season

While Musiala was playing on the right flank, he showed his full splendor of talent. He was one of the best players on the pitch, as he was often the focal point of Bayern Munich’s attacking play. His work rate was very high throughout the match, as he often helped Bouna Sarr cover his side of the pitch.

But, it was even more impressive how he got rid of everyone with simple body feints and created space with ease. Although he could work on his fitness, it seemed that he got tired after some time, but with the current rules of five substitutions, Jamal can give his all on the pitch and get subbed off when he gets tired.

We might wait for some time for Leroy Sane to show his full potential

And, that is completely fine! He came to Munich after almost one season without playing football. And usually, the unwritten rule is - a player takes just as long to get back at his top-level, as long as he was injured. Just remember what happened to Manuel Neuer. A couple of years ago, many thought that he was rapidly declining — now he’s still one of the best goalkeepers.

But even if Sane gets his fitness sorted out, you can’t exclude all the media pressure and the pressure from all the expectations that people have of him. He needs to find his rhythm and slowly build upon that. And he needs more matches like this one.

Although he could improve on a couple of things, he did show us his talent. He had two assists and scored a lovely goal. Hopefully, this match will raise his confidence, and he’ll continue improving.

Bouna Sarr will hardly get any suitors...

Although there are rumors of some Serie A teams being interested in the French right-back, I just can’t believe that it’s true. He played okay in the first 15 minutes. After some time, when he started going forward, however, his performance kind of fell apart. He attempted some crosses but failed to deliver. He also often lost possession in the midfield and had a few mistimed challenges.

In the later stages of the match, he had problems with moving the ball forward, and he was lost in Bayern’s dominant pressing. Sarr was not of much help to the attack, even though he somehow managed to score a goal in the end.

All in all, it was a mediocre performance, but he definitely should have performed better.

A preseason match that Bayern Munich needed

It doesn’t matter who you’re playing against, a 12-0 win must feel good! Everyone had a chance to make an impact, especially some young players and some players who are on the verge of leaving. Like Sarr, Tolisso, Richards, and Cuisance. This will surely boost their confidence, and maybe we’ll even see a couple more good matches from them shortly.

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