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Midweek Warm-up: Bayern Munich’s “Whistle-gate” examined; A DFB-Pokal prediction; The Marcel Sabitzer deal needs to get done; Some Mötley Crüe to get you moving and MORE!

Who is ready for some midweek Bayern Munch action?

FC Bayern Muenchen v 1. FC Koeln - Bundesliga Photo by Tom Weller/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

I know this may be hard to believe, but I’m from Philadelphia and I don’t boo, nor do I whistle to vent my frustrations at a team or player. All that means, that Bayern Munich’s Leroy Sane might be wishing I was in the stands on Sunday against FC Köln.

It’s a personal choice, but more than anything I’m not motivated enough to do jeer an athlete to be honest. I’m not afraid to criticize or question a player, team, or coach, I just don’t partake in vocally doing that within a stadium setting.

In the wake of “Whistle-gate”, where a segment of Bayern Munich fans let Sane know they were unhappy with his performance by whistling at him, I thought it was appropriate that I chimed in on the matter given I live in the area known for pelting Santa Claus with snowballs (this is a farce by the way…the background of what really happened is not close to the legend of bedlam and chaos), chucking batteries at J.D. Drew, and just generally having a sometimes warranted reputation for bad fan behavior.

I would argue this about Philadelphia, though...we don’t have any more idiots per capita than other cities, the media just runs with Philly stories more. Go on Twitter after any NFL game in any city and there are always videos on social media of dopes fighting or other nonsense going on.

FC Bayern Muenchen v 1. FC Koeln - Bundesliga
Leroy Sane has some fans very frustrated and while some folks within the club do not like it, fans have the right to voice their displeasure.
Photo by Tom Weller/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

In this case — given my background living in a city known for its...well, passion — I feel I’ve got the requisite expertise to comment as everyone from Julian Nagelsmann to Thomas Müller to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to Steffen Baumgart has come out in defense of Sane.

The verdict: Fans have the absolute right to voice their displeasure.

Do I do it? Nope, but paying customers can support or vent the players on the pitch as they see fit — as long as they stay within the realm of good taste and don’t cross personal lines.

Boo? Okay.

Whistle? Okay.

Jeer? Sure.

Personal attacks? No.

References to family members? Hell no.

Get physical or throw things like those morons in Nice? Absolutely not.

Sports are weird in general. To be fun and worthwhile in the arena, you need some people who like a sport to pay to watch a lot of rich people play the game. In reality, it’s absurd…but we love it and we generally cannot get enough of it.

While booing or jeering is okay in my mind, I will admit that sometimes that kind of criticism sometimes does not get fans the result they want from a player. Mostly, people engage in this behavior to vent their frustration at a player or team’s performance...but sometimes, it just makes a player resentful or even worse, get in their own heads even more.

Still, if you want to voice your displeasure that’s your right, whether the athletes like it or not.

As for me, I don’t know why I don’t “boo.” My parents were never into that and when they took me to games as a young whippersnapper, maybe I just learned from how they watched whatever sport it was in the stadium. When I’m in a arena — no matter the sport — the game has my full attention. In the end, booing or jeering just is not for me.

I also hate “The Wave”, but that is a story for another time.

Have I engaged in bad fan behavior, no....but I did do these stupid (but harmless) things once upon a time:

  • I went to the new baseball stadium (well, when the stadium was new anyway) in Washington D.C. to catch a game and after many beers — and in a section where it was just really me and a few friends — I yelled “Wilson” at an outfielder, whose name was “Wilson.” Only I yelled it like I was Tom Hanks in Castaway. Soooooo dumb. Haha. The player did turn around and crack a smile because it was so absurd.
  • At Philadelphia Eagles games for a multi-year stretch, there was this tool who used to run from section to section in a “mug hat” who tried to get each section to do an Eagles cheer. He was annoying as hell and even referred to himself as “Mug Man” — which is, man, pathetic to self-gloss such a nickname. The section I was in hated “Mug Man”, so one week we started a “You suck Mug Man” chant to drowned him out one week. Undeterred, he just went to the next section. Ironically, “Mug Man” was involved in the infamous brouhaha with Clinton Portis’ family at a game.

I know...I’m a BAD BOY!

Anyway, I just don’t go to games to yell at people (unless you are Mug Man then it’s on!), but if you want to “boo”, have at it. It’s your right. Just keep it clean.

Get Sabitzer done

The back-and-forth rumors over the past week regarding the Marcel Sabitzer rumors have been crazy. Either you believe it’s close to being done, the talks are slowly progressing, or this has all been overplayed.

Whatever the case, though, Bayern Munich needs to get this deal done.

Song of the Midweek: “Shout at the Devil” by Mötley Crüe

I needed some good 80s hairband music to get me going this morning, so why not leadoff with some “Shout at Devil” by Mötley Crüe:

ICYMI: Bavarian Podcast Works — Flagship Show (Bavarian Football Works)

Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann might just be toying with everyone when he has the club release his formations as a 4-2-3-1.

During his team’s win over FC Köln, Nagelsmann absolutely shifted roles and responsibilities around without really calling it what it was. Will the new boss have more of that on tap? We cover that and whole lot more on this episode of Bavarian Football Works. Here is the rundown of what we have on tap:

  • The finer points of Bayern Munich’s win over FC Köln, the formation, and what went right and wrong during the match.
  • How the wings stack up and who should be starting on the offensive flanks.
  • What signing Marcel Sabitzer would mean and a look at how he might fit.
  • Talking “Title Hamsters”, dessert before dinner, and more!


Bayern Munich should not sleep walk through this game, but they should also steamroll the boys from Bremer SV. With a Bundesliga tilt against Hertha Berlin awaiting on Saturday, it will be interesting to see how Nagelsmann’s squad lines up.

To me, I will not be shocked if we see a back-three formation (again) and a myriad subs getting major plying time. In reality, though, this could also be a great chance to get some slumping players back on track. Sane, specifically, might be able to benefit from the lesser competition as he needs to build his confidence back up.

Otherwise, this could be another chance for Nagelsmann to use players like Jamal Musiala, Tanguy Nianzou, Corentin Tolisso, and potentially even Bouna Sarr or Omar Richards.

No matter who plays, though, Bayern Munich should skate away with an easy “W.”

Prediction: Bremer SV 0-5 Bayern Munich

Prediction Records

I had a good weekend in the Bundesliga. I was especially good on nailing the draw in the league, having picked all three. Hopefully that is a sign of good things to come.

Last Bundesliga Match Day record: 6-3

Overall Bundesliga record: 10-8

DFL-Supercup record: 1-0

Overall record: 11-8

Guest prognosticator record: 0-1

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