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Bavarian Fantasy Works: Standings and tips after Bayern Munich’s win over FC Köln

Find out how Bavarian Football Works’ Bundesliga fantasy league is doing and get some tips!

FC Bayern Muenchen v 1. FC Koeln - Bundesliga Photo by Tom Weller/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Recently, the Bundesliga and Bayern Munich’s season restarted. Bayern drew vs Borussia Monchengladbach on the first match day before a fun and hard fought 3-2 victory vs FC Köln on Sunday. Before the first Bundesliga match day, Bavarian Football Works launched our very own Bundesliga fantasy league, “Bavarian Fantasy Works”. Now, I will recap some tips and standings from the league over the first 2 match days.

A healthy 120 players joined Bavarian Fantasy Works. And, it appears, even some of Bundesliga fantasy’s best players from last season: the league has 11 players who finished between 100-1000 in the world last year and even one top 100 player. Furthermore, readers of last seasons overall standings will have recognised teams names such as “FC Minsk” and “I ain’t Laimer”, who were routine top 10 players throughout last seasons matchdays.

In terms of BFW writers, RLD leads the pack with an excellent 274 points which lands him just shy of top 10 in the league in 11th place.

The top 10 is as follows:



8. Sumbul Jaya


5. Atuan FC (tie)

5. RambaSamba (tie)

4. BL Fantasy Fussballgott


2. Dread_Red

1. Nevada Dreamteam.

127th in the world Nevada Dreamteam leads the league on 301 points. Here was his match day 2 team:

BFW Tips

  1. Don’t be that smart guy not selecting Robert Lewandowski or Erling Haaland. Due to large proportions of players selecting these guys, if they perform, you will watch your ranking slip rapidly. The potential benefit is not worth the risk.
  2. Check out the Bundesliga website’s scout tips and picks before each matchday. With an option at each position at each price range, this will quickly improve your fantasy playing abilities and improve your score. Also make sure to check out predicted lineups week in week out, to make sure your players aren’t injured or currently benched at their clubs.
  3. Look at the world overall leaderboards each week and see what types of transfers the best in the world are making, what clubs they are bringing in from, etc...?

Bonus: The best name has to go to SchnitzelundSchnappsFC who is coincidentally BFW’s own, Schnitzel!

So, where are you placed in the league? Do you have any fantasy questions? What is your best named team? Let us know in the comments below!

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