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Racing Louisville vs. Bayern Munich: Racing Louisville wins on penalties!

It’s the USA vs. Europe in the Final of The Women’s Cup in Kentucky. Hosts Racing Louisville and Bayern Munich face each other for the trophy.

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The Women’s Cup - FC Bayern Munich v Paris-Saint Germain Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images


Racing Louisville

  • Nagasato - ❌
  • Salmon - ✅
  • McCaskill - ✅
  • Miramontez - ❌
  • Beaucom - ❌
  • Oloffson - ✅
  • Bonner - ❌
  • Milet - ✅
  • Riehl - ✅
  • Martin - ✅
  • Lund - ✅

Bayern Munich

  • Lohmann - ✅
  • Gwinn - ❌
  • Asseyi - ✅
  • Dallmann - ❌
  • Damnjanovic - ❌
  • Kumagai - ✅
  • Zadrazil - ❌
  • Buhl - ✅
  • Rall - ✅
  • Wenninger - ✅
  • Benkarth - ❌

Incredible performance by Katie Lund who was fantastic in making saves and hit the winner.

90’+4: Bayern goes level at 2-2 after an own goal by Bonner.

86’: Racing Louisville takes the lead on a crazy, acrobatic goal by Yuki Nagasaki. Wow…

Here is the goal:

79’: Damnjanovic on for Schuller.

72’: Gwinn on for Simon for Bayern.

65’: More Bayern subs: Asseyi and Rall check in for Beerensteyn and Glas.

60’: Beerensteyn let loose with a rocket but Betos stopped it. The shot was drilled but just right at Betos, who made a strong save anyway.

54’: Louisville toes the game at 1-1 as Jorian Baucom scores:

The goal was the result of some sloppy play in the back end for Bayern and a relentless effort from Baucom.

50’: Klara Buhl puts Bayern up 1-0 with a really nice low shot that finds the back of the net.

46’: Bayern has three changes after halftime: Klara Buhl, Linda Dallmann, and Sydney Lohmann have all entered the game.

Halftime: Bayern has thoroughly dominated the match, but just has not broken through. It is kind of crazy how the Frauen haven’t had at least one of those opportunities go in yet.

40’: Hendrix picks up a yellow for Racing Louisville and Bayern continues its assault. It seems amazing that they haven’t score yet. it seems like Racing Louisville is getting desperate now and is fouling like crazy.

35’: Betos has made a couple really big plays for Racing Louisville that prevent led Bayern goals, but the Bavarians are really wearing down the opposition.

Bayern is just pouring on the pressure. Sarah Zadrazil fired her attempt just wide.

31’: Hydration break. Does that mean I need to drink a beer? I mean…that would be appropriate, right?

30’: Lina Magull is so cool and collected on the ball.

24’: Bayern has turned up the heat and is applying a lot of offensive pressure. It feels like there could be a goal coming up.

20’: Bayern is firmly in control of the game, but has not been overly sharp in the final third.

11’: Jakobsson is causing some issues for Racing Louisville. They’ve had a hard time defending her.

6’: Beerensteyen with some nice driving up the field, but the attack got a little disjointed at the end of the play. That was a play that ends up in a goal in a few weeks.

4’: Some nice work early on from Bayern. It’s very early, but they’ve been in control.

Sidenote: Where are fans? Kentuckians do not know what they are missing.

Kickoff: Here we go! The match is underway. I’m very interested to see this lineup together.

This is Chuck, I’m on a solo mission to cover this one, so buckle in!

Bayern Munich Frauen will look to add their second preseason trophy this summer on Saturday when they face NWSL club Racing Louisville in the Final of The Women’s Cup.

This is a huge opportunity for Bayern to test themselves against an American club for the first time (at least in recent memory). Louisville is in the middle of their NWSL season, so they will be sharper. Plus, the advantage of having a home crowd at your back is big.

This is the final preseason friendly for Bayern as they prepare for the beginning of the season. Next Sunday, Bayern will host Werder Bremen to kick off their Bundesliga championship defense.

In the Semifinals, Bayern beat Paris Saint-Germain on penalties while Louisville did the same to the Chicago Red Stars. PSG and Chicago will play in the third place game prior to the Final.

Here’s what the two teams are playing for today.

It’s Bayern time.

Match Info

Location: Lynn Family Stadium, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Time: 6:00 pm local time, 6:00 pm EST

TV/streaming: Paramount+, Find Your Country

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