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Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski still amazed by Bundesliga goal scoring record

Robert Lewandowski has trouble grasping what he did last season.

SC Freiburg - Bayern Munich Photo by Tom Weller/picture alliance via Getty Images

In a recent interview with Raphael Honigstein of The Athletic, Bayern Munich star striker Robert Lewandowski reflected on his record breaking performance last season and why it is still hard to grasp how he bested Gerd Müller’s record.

“I still don’t know how big this record is, I think. During the season, I’m totally in football mode, the focus is always on the next game. There isn’t really time to stop and take things in. You notice the praise and the fans being happy, it makes you very proud,” said Lewandowski. “It does mean a lot, for sure, to go one better than the best goal scorer Germany has ever seen. But it will take much more time to properly process. Maybe one day, I can say, ‘Wow, what have I done?’. Right now, it feels too early though. I know this much: it was a pretty amazing feat.”

The Polish Hitman will look to continue his effort to break his own record this season with a goal against Gladbach last weekend (and a brace against Borussia Dortmund midweek), Lewandowski has clearly not lost a step from last season.