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BFW Exclusive: Bayern Munich Frauen hit Louisville and are having a blast

If you are in the United States, you’ll get a unique chance to watch one of the best women’s teams in the world: Bayern Munich.

FC Bayern München Women’s - Team Presentation Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images for DFB

Bavarian Football Works was granted exclusive access to Bayern Munich Frauen team members Viviane Asseyi, Sarah Zadrazil, and Lina Magull as they prepare for their games for The Women’s Cup in Louisville, Kentucky. Below, we cover what the team has been doing since landing in the U.S. and what they are expecting in the tournament.

The Bayern Munich Frauen touched down in the United States earlier this week and are preparing for the Women’s Cup, which is being held in Louisville, Kentucky.

The team is preparing to face off with Paris Saint-Germain at 5PM EST today, and with a victory, the Frauen would play the winner of the match between the Chicago Red Stars and Racing Louisville on Saturday. The tournament is available in the United States via streaming on Paramount+.

FC Bayern München Women’s - Team Presentation
Viviane Asseyi is looking forward to watching some baseball on Thursday night.
Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images for DFB

So far, the trip has been amazing for the talented German side.

“I think that we are very happy to be here, because it’s a good experience and the other teams are really, really good teams,” Asseyi said. “It’s good for us, because this year will be harder than last year.”

For Zadrazil, the trip back to the United States instantly brought her back to her college days when she was a star player for East Tennessee State University.

“It’s pretty amazing. I’m super excited to be back. I got some flashbacks when I was in immigration at the airport and stuff. It’s cool to be back, and I’m ready to get started,” said Zadrazil, an Austrian. “I think we all just want to compete with the best, and this kind of gives us a great opportunity. Obviously, it’s still preseason, so I’m pretty sure we will try some things, and we’re still in progress at the moment until the season starts. My mindset is definitely, I want to win. We want to win, but we know that there’s high quality teams on the other side. I’m excited to play and, hopefully, in front of a big crowd — women’s soccer is big in the U.S., so I there will be a lot of people watching and we will get a cool experience. Then, we also perform very well. I’m also excited to play against a NWSL team to compare. Where do we stand compared to the American teams. Haven’t done that, so that’s super exciting."

FC Bayern München Women’s - Team Presentation
Sarah Zadrazil is no stringer to the United States after playing her college ball at East Tennessee State University.
Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images for DFB

For Magull, the squad’s captain, this tournament is a great opportunity for the team to round into form.

“I think the best way to prepare yourself and the team is against the best teams in the world. I love the competition with great teams,” Magull said. “I think we have so many common goals (among the team). It’s a good opportunity to focus on the team, focus on our goals here in these games and get the best preparation for the league. I think it will be a tough game against Paris. We also had good games in France, so we have got confidence now and hopefully we win the games. You always get more confidence when you win games.”

Magull was also impressed with the facilities at the University of Louisville where the squad trained.

“(On Tuesday) we trained at (University of Louisville), and it was very impressive. It was so big with so many weights and stuff. It was just cool to be there,” Magull said.

Not everything on this trip has been about business, however. The Frauen are getting a chance to take in some of the local attractions, including the Muhammad Ali Museum and a baseball game where Magull was slated to throw out the first pitch.

“(Monday) we went to Museum of Mohammed Ali, and it was good. I didn’t expect to come here in my life, so I’m very happy to see that,” said Asseyi. “I’m waiting for the baseball gae that we will watch. I haven’t seen it in my life, and I really like the atmosphere of the sport. So I’m really excited.”

Magull will be throwing out the first pitch at the Louisville Bats minor league baseball game on Thursday night as well. A natural athlete, we are expecting a perfect strike from the team captain.

“I’m looking forward to the baseball game. I think I will do the first pitch with my coach. I’m a bit nervous, but I think it will be very, very good,” Magull said.

When asked if anyone had given her any tips, Magull laughed.

FC Bayern München Women’s - Team Presentation
Lina Magull is going to have to get her pitching arm warmed up for Thursday night.
Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images for DFB

“No. Nobody, because nobody here has a clue about baseball. I think I’ll go on the field and just try to give my best. I don’t know,” Magull said with a smile.

For Zadrazil, the opportunity to play against NWSL will be a lot of fun. After her career at East Tennessee State, the 28-year-old spent some time in the preseason with the Portland Thorns before moving to Germany.

“I was in preseason with Portland, and then I went to Potsdam. I’ve trained with Portland, and it was a super high level in my opinion. It was great — some really great players. In Germany, it’s just more tactical and technical. I think we love to keep possession of the ball. You want to have the ball, and it’s not so much kick and rush,” said Zadrazil. “I think the game developed in general all over the world. It’s gotten faster — more physical. I’m just curious to see where we stand compared to a NWSL team, and I’m super excited to play either one if it’s Louisville or Chicago. Can’t wait.”

Depending on tonight’s result, Bayern Frauen will play either the Chicago Red Stars or Racing Louisville on Saturday in the championship game or consolation match.

Over the next few days, we will break down more of our interviews with Viviane Asseyi, Sarah Zadrazil, and Lina Magull, so stay tuned!

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