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Six observations from Bayern Munich’s 3-1 victory over Borussia Dortmund in the DFL-Supercup

Der Klassiker is here yet again! This time in the form of the annual DFL-Supercup. Here are the six observations from this match.

FC Bayern München v Borussia Dortmund - Supercup 2021 Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

Neuer, a god among men

I mean, what else can be said? Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world. I will die on that hill and today was another showcase in his ungodly reflexes and skills. There are no words I can use to explain Neuer’s absurdly clutch play. Instead, just watch for yourselves.

Sloppy yet fierce

This was absolutely no friendly match as many pundits tend to call it. It was fierce, angry, and dirty as all can be. The animosity between FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund was in clear display today with the abundance of angry challenges, borderline tackles and tactical fouls. There were moments when the physicality started to get more malicious, but the referee was content at allowing the physically to not get too far. If the other two Der Klassiker matches are like this, those will absolutely be must see matches.

I’m loving those Alps

Brief interlude in my observations, but man those new third kits are BEAUTIFUL. Like they are already top-3 of my all-time favorite Bayern jerseys. I don’t ever remember seeing this creative with them and I absolutely love it. They were a pure joy to see today.

Bending but not breaking

I have to give it to Bayern’s defense. I know they’re dealing with some compatibility issues, which often come with new additions to defense, where unspoken understanding reigns supreme. But Dayot Upamecano and Niklas Süle did an excellent job at handling Erling Haaland. Often times, they used their speed and physicality, especially Upamecano, to push Haaland out wide and limit the clear-cut chances. Upamecano and Alphonso Davies were teaming up to quite efficient effect and will be a partnership to watch. If they continue to build, Lucas Hernandez might be the odd man looking in yet again.

One more thing, Joseph Stanisic is the right-back of the future. Man, this is two straight games in which he was just extremely good. If you told me at the end of last year Stanisic would be our starting RB, I’d be a little concerned even if excited to see his development. But he has hit the ground running and has been...Davies-esque. If he can maintain this form, it’ll be hard to re-insert Pavard as RB1.

Jadon Sancho who?

Borussia Dortmund look absolutely lethal and if it was not for Manuel Neuer, they would’ve been up 2-0 before Lewandowski’s bullet of a header. I was one of the first here at Bavarian Football Works to moan about the loss of Jadon Sancho to one of our direct competitors, but man if Dortmund is good at anything it is this insane ability to find random youth attackers who are absurdly talented and seem to develop quick links with the established players such as Marco Reus and now Haaland. I think Borussia Dortmund will be just fine. Their defense, however, yikes. They better hope they continue to score a lot of goals because that defense could not stop a granny with a walker if they wanted too.

Dagger, thy name is Robert

Who else was it going to be? Y’know, if you want to win a game against Bayern, you’re better off not gifting the best player on the planet this:

Lewandowski scored twice and was per usual the reason we won yet again. People, enjoy the greatness of Lewandowski while you can.

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