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Julian Nagelsmann has heard the rumors linking Bayern Munich and Marcel Sabitzer; acknowledges potential depth issues

Everyone is concerned about Bayern Munich’s depth these days.

Training RB Leipzig Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images

Bayern Munich Julian Nagelsmann has not had his head buried in the sand for the last two weeks. The new manager has read the rumors linking his new club to one of his old players, RB Leipzig midfielder Marcel Sabitzer.

“I know him very well and have worked with him for a long time. He’s a very good player. We are not commenting on any transfer rumors. We look around the transfer market, that’s part of the coaching job. We sound out the market and do everything we can for the good of FC Bayern,” Nagelsmann said (as captured by Tz).

While Nagelsmann would not be baited into really detailing his thoughts on an acquisition of Sabitzer, the manager did make a rather stunning admission: His team is not deep enough.

“We are incredibly strong with the first 13, 14 players,” said Nagelsmann, sounding eerily similar to Lothar Matthäus. “If there are too many injured people, it becomes more difficult. But we can’t have 20 top players, then handling the team isn’t that easy. There must always be harmony. Unfortunately, injuries cannot be prevented. We try to regenerate well to avoid injuries. But we’re also still looking at the transfer market.”

One player, who probably won’t be called upon to help is Franck Ribery. Nagelsmann made that clear.

“I think everything about it was finally said there. He wants to keep fit for a new club, that’s why he trained with us. He’s an extremely deserving player. I chatted with him at the legends game, but it wasn’t about a commitment. I have confirmed to him that he is still really fit. Oli Kahn has already made that clear,” said Nagelsmann.

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