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Marc Roca will be given one more year to prove himself at Bayern Munich

One of Bayern’s more recent signings hasn’t quite paid off just yet. Roca will be given another chance to prove himself this year.

FC Bayern Muenchen Performance Diagnostics Photo by M. Donato/Getty Images for FC Bayern

Bayern Munich has been fairly quiet in this year’s offseason market. Apart from internal negotiations, Bayern hasn’t been throwing much money around. Because of the current financial crisis, the club has been extremely cautious while making signings — even more so than usual.

When you can’t afford better talent, you must promote from within. With a lack of better options, Marc Roca will be called upon this season and given another opportunity to prove himself. Roca started off his time with Die Roten with a rather unimpressive rookie season in the Bundesliga. Just two years ago, Marc Roca had finished a solid season with Espanyol and was valued at $33m at just 22-years-old. Fast-forward two years and Roca is now struggling to make any impact for Bayern. His valuation has dropped to $11m and the Spaniard has been heavily criticized.

Despite his performances on the pitch, it looks as though he is taking his training seriously. Roca has seen a muscle transformation like many Bayern stars. While he isn’t quite Goretzka yet, let’s hope that Roca can use this physical presence this upcoming season.

Due to Bayern’s inability to make a midfield signing at the moment, Roca will be given another season to prove himself. There is little room for poor performances as Roca will be on the hot seat whenever he is on the pitch. With the club’s current situation, Roca should be given another chance as he is not being utilized, and keeping the Spaniard around is the far more economical option.

Is Roca deadweight for Bayern or does he just need another chance?

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